Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Money Isn't Everything

Not only that, but money can't always buy everything like rare or vintage items. But, for some ultra-rich folks, there's other ways to get what they want, like through a wager.

That's the story line in these two commercial short films, now several years old. Their mini-film format highlights the (also) ultra-pricey Johnnie Walker Blue Label brand. The whiskey is shown in the films, but doesn't rob from their entertainment value and fun story telling. 

Here's the background information, but no spoilers.

In 2014, Johnnie Walker Blue Label teamed with British director Jake Scott to shoot a unique 6-1/2 minute commercial called The Gentleman's Wager in the British Virgin Islands with actors Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini. It begins with the two relaxing in style on a vintage 1928 Italian Baglietti yacht. Law's character is impressed with Giannini's yacht and tells him, "I want this boat." After being told,"It's not for sale," Law replies that he doesn't want to buy it, but win it — with a dance.

Does he succeed? You'll have to watch to find out. 
In 2015, Scott directed a follow-up, The Gentleman's Wager II, an 11 minute film featuring the same actors. This time, the setting was Giannini's beautiful Italian mansion, where he shows Law a garaged vintage Delahaye 135S race car. Law declares that he "wants" the car, (again) he doesn't want to buy it, but win it with a race to Monaco by noon the following day. Giannini laughingly tells Law that the car hasn't run in 40 years, and that he can have the car and the villa if he succeeds. 

Does he make it? Watch and find out. 
Although I'd seen these commercial films online earlier, they (again) provided lighthearted fun this weekend. I hope you enjoyed them. As Law's character said, "It's for a bit of fun."


Blogoratti said...

Good stuff and a worthy watch. Thanks for sharing and greetings!

Connie said...

Fun and interesting idea for a story! :) Thanks for sharing these.

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