Monday, March 13, 2017

Calm Before Storm

View from our apt window about 8 a.m. Monday - blue sky and clear (for now)
Stella, a powerful nor'easter, is forecast to track along the East Coast late Monday through Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). Strong winds with gusts of up to 50 mph may cause blizzard conditions along some coastal areas. NASA and NOAA satellites are tracking the storm; images can be viewed online.
By mid-morning, it was not yet overcast

Until this latest forecast, the Northeast has experienced one of the warmest winters on record. This potentially massive and dangerous storm could blast the region with up to 18 inches of snow and winds capable of disrupting power, closing schools and creating travel chaos. The NWS warned that any change in track could dramatically alter the amount of snow and where it falls. But there is little doubt that a big storm will explode on the region.

Blockbuster March snowstorms, while not common, aren't unprecedented. According to the Weather Channel, two of the three largest and heaviest snowstorms in the Northeast since the mid-1950s occured in March 1960 and 1993. The 1993 system called the Storm of the Century, dropped major snowfall amounts from Florida to Maine, left about 300 people dead and crippled travel for days.

Stella certainly has the potential to cause just as much havoc. Within the next 24 hours, we may be seeing this view outside our window.

All these temperature fluctuations seem to be confusing Mother Nature who was getting ready for spring in the wake of recent warmer temperatures. Over the past couple of weeks, trees were budding. Last Friday, all-day snow flurries covered them.
We hope that Stella will spare serious harm and damage to folks. My snow day plans are already in place: sorting through photos and updating albums while watching a classic old movie on You Tube. 
And, I'm making a BIG pot of soup and will post the recipe on Tuesday.


Anvilcloud said...

March is darn cold here, but the storm may be more to the south of us down by Lake Ontario. We shall see. I just read a bit about the '93 storm on another blog. It was farther south and pretty major.

Sandra said...

I did not know the storm has a name. I do know many who are buried in snow that did not want it.. nieces and friends and blog friends

Ludwig Keck said...

Stay snug! Stay safe!

Emma Springfield said...

The fluctuating weather is driving me nuts!!

William Kendall said...

Lovely shots!

We've had consistent cold for about ten days now, but we'll be getting some of this system, about twenty centimetres.

Red said...

I hope you keep safe and warm.

Debby said...

Stay safe. Sounds pretty bad. We are on the border in Ohio and won't get much. Spring is almost here. I'm glad that you have things you want to do to keep busy.
Are you still in the apartment. I have always thought that would be fun , I think maybe too many episodes of Friends.

Doris said...

Yes, we hope no harm to anyone in this massive storm. We are ready to watch from the one is going to work and school is already canceled for tomorrow. I have many memories from the 93 storm!
Stay safe and warm!

Kathy said...

Stay safe in the storm. They are predicting 12-16 inches here in the Philly area. Things are already closing down. The good thing is Spring is almost here so it can't last too long. Can it?

Connie said...

You have a pretty view there. I hope you're staying safe and warm.

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