Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How Hard Is It?

To delete a user account for a product you no longer use or want?
Quite a hassle based on my experience this week with an Epson printer. It was purchased a couple of years ago for under $100.

As an all-in-one printer, it was satisfactory for everyday home usesuch as printing text documents, emails, letters, recipes. While it was capable of photo printing, that feature wasn't used as online photo services are readily available. The scan feature was tediously slow, so it too wasn't extensively used. The copy feature worked well and came in quite handy.

But in recent weeks, the inks started smearing on printed pages. Using the printer's built-in maintenance utilities resolved the problem for awhile. Running some of the maintenance features used a lot of ink as well.

Grenville did some online sleuthing on WHY printer heads become clogged on not only Epson printers, but others too that use several separate ink cartridges for black and color (CMY). He learned that when the printer warning "low ink" displays, you should replace the cartridge ASAP and not continue printing just a bit longer. It seems that air gets into the nearly empty cartridge and can cause the print heads to become clogged.

Good to know, as Grenville's Epson printer and my replacement printer use multiple ink cartridges.

Repairing a 2-year old, under $100 printer would be (way) more costly than purchasing a new one. So, I opted for a (non-Epson) replacement. 

Problem solved, right?
That's what I thought after deleting the Epson printer's application files from my computer. Until I went online to my Epson user account and selected the delete account option. A message said the printer was still registered and so the account could not be deleted.

What to do?
Called Epson Support (not sure which country, but it was not the U.S.) and explained the problem. I was given a reference number and told to call the corporate office. It seems that technical support could not delete the product registration.

Another call and another explanation. This time the representative wanted to know what would happen to the printer. It was interesting that the question of WHY I wanted to remove the registration and user account was never asked. Instead, the focus was on the disposition of the printer.

FYI while on hold with the second Epson support person, I figured out HOW to delete the registration and then was able to also delete my user account. 

Yes, I did set up a new user account for the replacement (Brother) printer. Hopefully, this one will last for a few years as I'll be paying attention to those low ink cautions.

And, that other printer . . . it's somewhere in "printer heaven" after we hummed taps and sent it away.

How about you — Any personal product hassles ?


Anvilcloud said...

In my experience, most printers seem to bite the biscuit in due course. Maybe they're getting better though.

Emma Springfield said...

The problem with any of this stuff is ongoing for me. Technical issues are drawn to me.

Latane Barton said...

Hi there,
I wondered why I was not getting comments from you anymore but then you said you couldn't leave comments. I was having all sorts of problems with google+ so I put my blog back on the blogger format hoping that would help. I am sorry you can't get on my comment page but I am doing everything I can think of to get it all straightened out. I miss you.

Sandra said...

I have a whole sermon to be preached from my soap box on PRINTERS.. I decided the 39 dollar ones work as well as the 100 or 200 dollar ones. since they are throwaway no repair junk.. no sense in wasting dollars. the thing is I threw away 3 before I learned that. and after reading this I am wondering because I have never deleted and account when I tossed and bought. I had 2 Epsons, went to HP and am now on HP envy and have a love/hate relations ship with it. paid 79 dollars. JUNK.

William Kendall said...

One of the printers I use on campus seems to be smearing ink, but only on the backs of pages, and as I only print anything on one side, thus far it hasn't been a problem.

Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear you had all these problems . We have two Epson printers mind you they were pricey Papa is picky lol that do all different things like scans, does picture copies , cards of all kinds all different sizes for everything to and one is bigger then the other and yes you have to change the ink as soon as it says to we learned that the hard way to but we have had both of them for about 7 years and so far they still work great and we do use them a lot for our photos , documents and such . Sometimes modern technology isn't what its cracked up to be is it ?! Hope your new printer works like a charm all the time . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

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