Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nashua Ride of the Undead

The first (annual) Nashua (NH) Zombie Ride rolled through downtown this past weekend. 

This local event was modeled after an event held each year in Key West, FL and was organized by the Greater Nashua local Chamber of Commerce as a fun ride. It was open to everyone and participants could either ride bikes or walk the nearly 2-mile route. A police escort was provided for safety along the city route. 

Disclaimer - None of the adult or child "victims" show in the below photos were actually hurt. The "injuries" were as "real" as the figures on a zombie-mobile included in this event.

Since the staging area was within walking distance of our place, we went to watch the pre-festivities which included facial makeovers and a quick dance instruction. 

While many riders came dressed in zombie-like attire or worn and ragged clothing, they needed some "finishing" touches. Members of a local theater group, Actors-Singers served as makeup artists. Nashua's mayor (top left) served as "Chief Zombie" for the ride.

The make-overs were quite realistic complete with fake "bloody" injuries but with our any pain. Participants were told that their "undead" looks would clean up with soap and water so they could come back to life by Saturday evening. 

In addition to their make-overs, zombie participants were given a brief dance lesson performed to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." At the end of the ride, there would be a flash mob event. (We didn't follow the riders and missed it.)  But, we did watch the "practice" session.

Although we didn't participate in this inaugural event (this year), it was all about watching folks out having fun on a weekend afternoon. 

And, we did too!


Sandra said...

awesome talent in the make up artists... my son would love this. I will send him the link

Connie said...

Those makeup jobs are so realistic. Maybe a little too realistic for me!

William Kendall said...

These are fun. We have an annual zombie walk that ends up on Parliament Hill in early October. I've already got my Hallowe'en post ready with shots of them.

Lady Jane said...

Isnt Halloween fun!!! I just love Halloween... LJ

Anvilcloud said...

The help with the makeup was great. Good community involvement by all.

Emma Springfield said...

That looks like so much fun. I would have danced.

Ginnie said...

...and you went back North for this????

Lynn said...

My goodness! How fun! :) Love the flash mob thing, too.

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