Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Evening Walk with a View

With the arrival of cooler weather, we've resumed evening walks on a paved path called river walk that parallels the Nashua River. This path winds around a portion of the former Nashua Manufacturing Company, now known as Clocktower Apartments (our current residence) and along a portion of Main Street, Nashua, NH. 

These images were taken on a recent evening stroll. You can read the company name when this image is clicked on and enlarged or check out the one below it.

Here's a "zoomed in" view with the company name and incorporation date. NMC produced cotton flannel blankets and operated from 1823-1949. It housed several other businesses after the mill ceased operation, until its conversion to mill apartments in 1990. (FYI our apartment is on the 5th floor along the word "Company.")

The two clocktowers are original to the mill buildings and remain operational. They are maintained by the current building management.

The most impressive overall view of the mill is seen from the bridge that crosses the Nashua River on Main Street in Nashua. The white cupola formerly housed a very large bell that tolled to signal mill workers. The bell was removed years ago and is now in the parking area (sorry, forgot to snap a photo this time).

We stopped to take a selfie during our walk — just because we could.
The NMC is one of numerous New England mills that have been covered to residence apartments. Clocktower Apartments has 326 apartments and most feature unique interiors. More about NMC and its conversion to mill apartments in future posts.

THANKS to everyone for the well wishes on our recent Anniversary and the comments on the flowers and grandchildren, Bobby and Ellie . . . more grandchild news coming soon.


Sandra said...

That first photo is absolutely awesome! The reflections are fantastic! What a beautiful building to live in I did to tap on the photo and enlarge it and see the writing on the building. I'm glad they recycled that beautiful building

Mildred said...

It is a lovely building with a rich history. Fun to know where your apt. is located. With the cooler temps, I know you both enjoy a walk in such a well maintained area.

Connie said...

Lovely photos. It's great to have such a nice place to walk. The cooler weather of Autumn will make it ideal.

Emma Springfield said...

Your building is lovely. I like clock towers and I like the fact that they used a perfectly good building rather than tear it down for something new. Can't wait for grandchildren news.

Anvilcloud said...

Yes the weather is beginning to change.
Nice to see your digs from the outside.

William Kendall said...

Preserving the clock towers was a good touch.

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