Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Got Gmail?

More correctly, Where Did My Mail Go?

We're wondering if any fellow bloggers been having issues specifically with Google mail, better known as Gmail. Although lately Grenville and I have been thinking of other names to call it.

Mail coming into several of our Gmail accounts has actually been disappearing and depositing itself into Trash before we've read it.

Not something you would expect to happen on its own.

We noticed this Gmail problem happening on both our iPads a week or so ago, yet not on the MacBooks. Then, the problem seemed to resolve itself and Gmail was working OK without any action on our part.

Until today, when the same thing started happening AGAIN. And, this time it was also affecting mail on the MacBooks too.

In doing an online search, I found this information under Google/Gmail Support under the topic My messages have gone missing. The article lists a series of steps, clicking on the + next to a step will result in a drop-down box with additional steps.

We'll be checking our settings as detailed. Hopefully, this will resolve our problems and anyone else's. But, then again, it may also resolve itself (as earlier).

THANKS to all for the birthday wishes, yesterday. All were much appreciated !


A Quiet Corner said...

Hmmm...I do remember seeing a feature (?) that you can opt for/out of when using Goopgle apps. I am sure you two will resolve the prob!...:)JP

Sandra said...

i can't have gmail because i don't have a cell phone.. phooey on google..

Anonymous said...

I have a Gmail account but I never use it, came with my mobile phone. But I have had problems with the regular mail, getting my namesake's letters but missing some I expected to come. Some letters I've sent never reaching their destination and so on.

Have a great day!

Montanagirl said...

I never use my Gmail, so the whole thing could go missing and I'd never know. LOL. Speaking of iPads, and Macs, I'm using an iMac (don't have an iPad yet, but it's next on my list). But the reason I mention it, is that we could FaceTime sometime if you'd like. It'd be fun to see you face to face and visit a minute. If you'd like to do that, email me your FaceTime call name, and I'll add you to my favorites, and we'll try it sometime. (That is, if you'd like to do it). Have a great day.

Out on the prairie said...

Don't use the G

Anvilcloud said...

Odd. I have found GMail to be very reliable and would not consider anything else at this point. I know they did have a meltdown of sorts last week; perhaps this is a reverberation of that?

Country Gal said...

Oh that's odd nope no probs here as Papa and I have a few g mail emails we have been with gmail for years and never any problems we find gmail better then any other e-mail provider . Just be careful cause it maybe wanting you to switch to Google+ if you haven't already and Google+ controls to much of this kind of stuff including your blog if your not careful that's why we are still with the original Google . Hope it gets all sorted out for you !

William Kendall said...

I have it, but I haven't noticed any problems with Gmail... as of yet.

Daisy said...

Sorry to hear you have been having trouble. I have gmail but haven't had problems, at least not yet.

Cicero Sings said...

I don't have gmail so I'm afraid I'm no help at all!

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