Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recovery Report

A short Recovery Report from the Futon

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{FUTON: Noun- A place where Grenvilles are often found, sometimes hiding under nankies. Usually in a horizontal position, with eyelids closed.}
Thanks to all for the well wishes. Chicken soup and futon therapy has been working well. And of course Princess hugs.

This is one of those 'hanger oners" of a cold. Your not really feeling bad, but not feeling good. Runny nose sometimes, and sort of achy, and sort of cough, and always ready for a nap. Of course that last one seems to be a chronic condition, possible inherited!!!!!

The goal now is to be well for Christmas, since we are having friends over on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As always we will put on a Gastronomical Bacchanalia  of taste tempting treats such as a giant AntePasta, single fried oysters (an Eastern Shore staple for Christmas), and Princess Lasagna. But more on that later.

Don't forget, Tomorrow is Winter Solstice. Shortest day of the lunar year. New Years for the Ancients. From here on our days will be getting longer until Sumer Solstice in June. If you have a chance get outside and celebrate the beginning of a New Year, and all of the great possibilities it holds.



Daisy said...

I hope you are feeling better in time for Christmas. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hoping you improve soon and enjoy the Christmas festivities.

Sandra said...

enjoyed your humor, and I pray you will be feeling 100 percent by the time your guest arrive.

Anonymous said...

Yes chicken soup and lots of naps are the best to stop a cold. I'll take lots of both these coming two weeks :-)

Finally it will turn again, I've waited since midsummer :-)

Have a great day!

Debby said...

Feel better. Lots of "C" and sleep.
Oh fried favorite when we go to St. George Island in FLorida. I also like oyster dressing.....yum.
Happy Holidays.

Country Gal said...

Papa would get out into his sky shed/ observatory and look with his telescope if it was to be clear sky's , recently it has been low cloud and he hasn't even had the chance to star gaze . Hope you get a chance ! Hope Gren feels better before Christmas . Have a good day !

grammie g said...

Hi Grenville ..laying with your arms over your chest like that..dear heavens it looks like your layed out for a coffin lol!!
Hope you feel better before Christmas.. with that gassed up menu it will either kill you or cure you !!
New Years for the Ancients, do I fall into that category ; )??
Hey if your missing Maines coast you'll have to check out my last three post..that will make you feel better!!

DeniseinVA said...

Hope you all feel healthy by Christmas Eve.

SmartFella? said...

I had to look twice. I thought that was me. What a nice position to be in in our stage of life!

SmartFella? said...

Beatrice,you commented on my 12/27 blog posting as follows, "Just think how surprised those media folks would be if there was no winter weather. But then they would chatter incessantly about the lack of winter."
Neat comment. It leads me to think you might also find this older posting interesting...

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