Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blood Money but No Crime

WAIT before you start wondering whether or not a crime has been committed, let me assure you it hasn’t.

That’s because this post isn’t about the usual definition of blood money — money or other compensation paid by an offender (usually a murderer) or his family group to a victim’s family or kin.

THIS would be $$$ paid to me for giving blood.  And to think all those years that I donated to the Red Cross for FREE, and there wasn’t even a sale, like this one . . .
YES, that’s right, donate blood and be eligible to win $3,000 that’sIMG_5242 what the poster advertising this drive at a local church stated.  So that’s where I went yesterday afternoon.

It seems this offer of inning  cash appealed to LOTS of other folks —  NO surprise ! There  was  IMG_5311a
waiting line to get asked a lot of questions, get a finger prick, and have a large needle inserted in your arm while you bled into a plastic sack. Then, there was that colorful gauze wrapping even though I was hoping for something in orange, as it’s a bit early for holiday colors.
OR, maybe it was the Rewards offer that packed folks in.  That’s right, the Red Cross has a Rewards Club too.IMG_5250
Truth is even without the cash drawing or rewards, I would have donated. I’m guessing most other folks would have as well.IMG_5313
Getting a chance to win something is always nice too.


Lois Evensen said...

Very interesting. It must be hard to get people to donate.

Daisy said...

Good luck! I hope you win. I didn't know they had a rewards program now. I used to donate regularly, but I haven't been able to go for a while.

Debbie said...

i use to donate blood all the time but i am no longer able to, that makes me sad.

i lost a lot of faith in the red cross after 9/11. there is documented proof that they did not do the right thing with the funds that were donated to help the victims of 9/11.

Sandra said...

i think this is a bad idea, it will make people lie about the answers to those questions they ask just to get their name in the pot.

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