Thursday, October 6, 2016

WHAT Was I Thinking?

Apparently, not much at all late last night.

And so this short post is an apology of sorts to any fellow bloggers who may have read that earlier post, which has been deleted. Briefly, I was ranting about the week-long extensive media coverage to a TV celebrity's (very) high profile assault and robbery.

While I disagree with the news space directed toward this and other items, not excluding bickering and backstabbing in the U.S. presidential race, I realized that this blog space was not where I wanted to vent these rants. And, for the record, I empathize with anyone who has suffered such an experience or anything similar. It surely must be a life-altering incident I hope to never experience firsthand.

Therefore, I deleted that post and going forward will concentrate on the good great things going on because life is sadly way too short to complain about most things. And, as a good friend once told me, step back and ask: "How does this affect me?"

So, after that rant published, I did that and it's gone. (But I'll admit that it felt good to vent.)


NCmountainwoman said...

While I did not read the post, I have a very strong feeling I would have agreed with it. But here's the salient point. This is YOUR blog and you are free to rant about anything you want just as readers are free to read your posts or not. No apologies necessary. Ever. As far as I'm concerned, vent on.

Kathy said...

I did read your post and I agreed with you. Vent away. No need to apologize. Blogging is a good outlet for such things.

Emma Springfield said...

I was too late to read the post. No need to apologize. We all need to release steam every now and then. Pleasant news is always the best though.

Michelle said...

I did not read it, but no need to apologize!

William Kendall said...

I was also too late to read it, though I suspect I'd have agreed with it given the subject matter.

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