Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Remembering Anne

This week marked a sad event in our combined families with the death of Pat's Aunt Anne who died on Tuesday at 87.

We fondly remember special times.  

Aunt Anne loved celebrating holidays. She always sent a card and, despite a limited income, always gave small gifts. When folks excitedly thanked her, she was even happier.

Small joys are the best.

More than anyone, Aunt Anne enjoyed her birthday celebration. She would forewarn family members months in advance of the November date.

No one ever forgot her special day.

Aunt Anne's special passion was a (very) large magnet collection. She delighted whenever someone brought her a new one for her ever-expanding collection displayed on metal boards. Every one was special and she made you feel special because of her delighted comment, "I love it" always said when she received a new one.

And we all loved Aunt Anne. She remains in our fondest memories.

(Comments are off; our family appreciates your condolences.)
Dorothy (Beatrice) & Pat (Grenville)
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