Thursday, February 27, 2014

Did you get the call??????

Have you gotten a call from someone (who can hardly speak English) claiming they are from "Microsoft Support"????? (Microsoft will never call you).  And that your computer is infected and sending out spam!!!!! And you need to go to this site and download and install this program to clean your computer???????

We got it. AGAIN!!!!! But this time we had some fun. Well at least i had fun, don't know about the schmuck on the other end. The call went like this:
"Lo, dis is mickro sof suput calling. Yur coputer is ifected"
"Oh really?"
"Yes. you must go to it and ..."
"Can i have your Microsoft ID number please?"
"Your Microsoft ID number. You have one don't you?"
"AH 234 AH 567 UMM 987"
"Thanks. Please hold while i verify this"

Oh that was so much fun. Here are a few more I'm saving for future calls. If you would like to use any of them feel free.

"Lo, dis is mickro sof secuty calling. Yur coputer is ifected"

"Oh really?"
"Yes. you must go to it and ..."
"Can you tell me which computer your talking about?"
"Yo coputer"
1. "But we have a lot of them. Which one? "
2.  "But we don't use Microsoft. We have all Mac's"
3.  "But i don't own a computer."
4.  "What are you wearing?"

I've saved my best and most dastardly one for last.

"Lo, dis is mickro sof secuty calling. Yur coputer is ifected"

"Oh really?"
"Yes. You must go to it and turn it on."
"Just a minute, i have to go upstairs." "Are you still there?"
"Yes. is your coputer on?"
"No it will take a few minutes. Can you wait?"
"OK. My computer is on and we now have your exact location."
"I said we have your exact location. There will be a heavily armed security team coming to arrest you
in just a few minutes."                  
"Arrest me??"
"Yes, arrest you. If i were you i would get out of there right now."
"What yo mean?"
"If your smart you should run, now!! Before the shooting starts. Bye Bye."

I figure that since they started telling me a big fib, it's ok to just continue it. You can alter any of these scenarios if you like. This seems like so much more fun than getting mad and yelling at them or  calling them names. Although i have done that in the past, it wasn't nearly as much fun as this way.

So folks, next time some one calls about your "ifected coputer",  don't get mad, have some fun!!!!!


Sandra said...

they are all good come backs.. i like the arrested one best.. we have not received this call but we screen every call and do not answer any call that comes in unless we recognize the name/number.

Country Gal said...

Some weirdos have nothing better to do . So far I haven't heard of people over here getting these calls . Hope the creeps get caught . For some reason these types of creeps avoid people over here with computers lol ! Thanks for putting it out there though . Have a good day !

Country Gal said...

Same here we have caller ID and a certain ring tone to callers we know if we don't know the callers number or ring we let it go to voice message .

Montanagirl said...

HaHa! That's great. We keep getting harassed (Literally) by donation solicitation calls. And believe me, it's to the point of harassment. And from some lady named Heather in "Account Services" that has somehow acquired my cell #. As far as our landline goes, I can see on the TV screen who's calling in, so I just pick up the phone and hang up. However, this Heather person called my cell when we were in Alaska, and it cost me $.75 to answer then hang up. Really irritates me. So now, I've asked my phone to turn of voice mail on my cell phone.

Montanagirl said...

P.S., To ramble on, if I want to donate I will (and do), but every time they keep pestering me, it makes me that much more determined to not donate, or not make multiple donations once I've already done it. We donate locally to several worthwhile community foundations.

gigihawaii said...

Yes, we have gotten the same calls from those people claiming they are from Microsoft. I asked one of them for his name and phone number and told him I would call him back. Lol.

DeniseinVA said...

Good comebacks Grenville ;) Thankfully, we have not had any calls like that. We just have cell phones and we now no longer have solicitation calls. Before we gave up our land line we had so many the phone was constantly ringing. I suppose I'll have to give them time to catch up. I may have had a solicitation call or two since but if I don't recognize a number and they don't leave a message, I ignore it.

CountryDew said...

I've gotten so I don't answer the phone unless I know the number. They can leave a message. But I love your responses. I think I might add this one: We have your location and a drone is on its way!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Haha! Good ones! I have had a couple of these calls and I just laughed and asked how much they were getting paid to scam people. They hung up on me. lol!

A Quiet Corner said...

Never got one call...EVER....must be because we live out in the woods!!!...:)JP

thecottagebythecranelaketwo said...

I've read about a few calls over here but mostly they send badly spelled e-mails instead. They must have used Bing translation because that's even worse than Googles :-) :-) :-)

I'll keep this in mind just in case :-)

Have a great day!

William Kendall said...

I get the vast majority of spam through email.

I love the dastardly scenario to deal with these people.

Of course, there's the simple, "yes, just a moment..." Then make a very loud bang, and scream, "I've been shot!" Then hang up the phone.

diane b said...

Luckily we haven't got that call...yet. I'll keep your tips in mind just in case. Very funny.

We keep getting emails telling us we have won the lottery and send bank details!!!!

Catherine said...

Ohh my! Luckily, I've never received that call... but if I ever do, I'll be sure to use one of you witty responses :) Love that you caught them off guard the second time.

Rebecca said...

I can never think of a good reply to that kind of calls. I just hang up. Your way sounds more fun.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

that was a scream, I would just have hung up and blocked the number.
The news says do not talk to them, you will end up getting more calls.

Leonora said...

Oh I hope I DO get one of these calls- now that you've made the game so much fun! : )

Dianna said...

Too much fun! Once, my son had a call from the phone company, asking if he had authorization to change the phone plan. He calmly said: "We don't have a phone." I thought that was hilarious!

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