Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Get Around

When traveling in a major city, we try to see as much as possible without using a car or sightseeing tours. For our current visit to Toronto, Ontario, that meant driving to the commuter train station and trying to find a parking space. Then, finding out that we needed to get there before 7:00 a.m. as most spaces were either Reserved or for Carpooling. For us, retired means NOT having to get up that early.

But, then we learned that IF we can find a carpooling space after 9:30 a.m. it's OK to use one, luckily, we were there at 9:45 a.m. and found (possibly) the last one.
Next, we ride the local trains — much to Grenville's delight (did you happen to know how much he likes trains?). 
GO train collage
Which take us into the city of Toronto, where we learn to navigate the subway system  — everyone is ALWAYS in a rush in the mornings and evenings — must have something to do with that thing called work, which we vaguely recall doing.
Subway rushDSCN3984
Sometimes, the subway doesn't go where we're going which meant we had to ride the streetcars. This was actually a treat as few cities still use these.
Streetcar collage

How do you navigate a major city when traveling?


Sandra said...

never been to a major city with or without a car, but i would love the train and the street cars, but never ever never would i go on a subway... well i did not go NYC when i was 8 but don't remember how we got around then. i have passed through them on the interstate only

Montanagirl said...

We've always driving everywhere (except Alaska). Our Grandson would love all the train rides!

thecottagebythecranelaketwo said...

I always go by street car when moving around in my old home town Gothenburg. But when I visited my brother when he lived in Paris we walked. He hates the subways and driving in Paris is something only insane people do :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

possum said...

I am allergic to cities and would not even consider going into one. Nope, not me. Well, the exception would be Istanbul, but I know my way around there and one takes taxis everywhere.
I remember driving PAST Toronto out on the Queen's Highway... it took hours. We had absolutely no desire to stop.
Now Ottawa is one beautiful city. Russ did all the driving. Once at our hotel, we walked everywhere.
If you have a chance to visit something where they give you a brief history of Canada in general, Toronto in particular, do sit thru it. Most educational, and not at all what you were taught back in the good old USA. Funny, that.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Christer, I was in Paris many years ago and agree with your brother that the subways were awful then. But, I would like to go for a return visit one day.

Daisy said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! We drive where we need to go unless it is an area where we can drive and park and then walk to see whatever there is to see.

Anvilcloud said...

I don't think I have been in a streetcar in Toronto at all or for many decades anyway. I am quite familiar with the GO train and the subway, however. We don't visit cities too much, but I would certainly avoid using the car, if possible, in Toronto. I do drive around Ottawa, but it's not the same size as Toronto -- not by a long shot.

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