Thursday, May 16, 2013

Y’All Are the Best

Fellow bloggers are that and more.
THANKS to all who read a recent post and then checked out our new blog created exclusively to market our home 25520 Maple St informally called The Frog & PenguINN.
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We value your feedback so I updated the blog to address0513 cardinal couple (5) your comments. Several suggested adding interior shots, which were already there, but perhaps overlooked as interior views were accessed at the top of the page. The Welcome Home intro was reworked to note the top tabs.
While there won’t be new posts added to the 25520 Maple St blog, existing information will be reworked and photos will be changed, especially when front and rear gardens are in full bloom.
GREAT news on the real estate front this week . . .
No, our home didn’t sell, but 2 other houses listed for sale in the neighborhood are “under contract.” Both include an in-ground pool and outbuildings. One is a Victorian, similar in age to ours; the other is a 1960s? ranch. Our advantage is having more land than either of these properties without a pool. Both homes were listed at the same price and significantly higher than our asking price, which excited our realtor, who said “if both sell close to full asking price then we will have 2 good comps for the appraiser when we get an offer on yours.”
So, we’re going to take the advice of fellow blogger Christer . . “I cross my fingers and hold my thumbs for good luck !”

Spring is making another comeback and St Joseph may be awakening from a long winter nap — soon (we hope).


Anvilcloud said...

It sounds promissing. Just don't give that white statue the credit. Okay? :)

Elaine said...

Always a good sign if homes are selling in your neighborhood! Just a matter of time.

Sandra said...

this is good news, and i hope those sales mean your sale is not far off.

Ginnie said...

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Daisy said...

Sounds like good news! I hope the crossed fingers do the trick.

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