Wednesday, November 15, 2017

If the Lid Fits (It Didn't)

This is a post about 2 lids and an older kitchen appliance.

Once upon a time, actually in September, I wrote how after cracking the lid of a small KitchenAid food chopper, a replacement lid was located and ordered from Appliance Parts Pro, an online parts supplier. (This kitchen appliance I've owned for over 15 years was obsolete per KitchenAid.) 

(But, KitchenAid does have a newer redesigned food chopper. I ordered and returned it within a day. It wasn't as sturdy as the original and I didn't like the redesign. This photo shows both units.)

Replacement lid ordered, end of story, you might think. No, it wasn't.
The description for the replacement part said it fit a KFC3100WH model, same as the number on my older unit.

It arrived and the lid didn't fit the bowl (photo shows "new" lid top; "older" one bottom). Called Appliance Parts Pro, explained problem and was issued a FULL refund, including shipping. As for the lid, the customer rep said "hold onto it for 30 days, if no return is requested, do whatever you want with it." (Bottom line, getting something even for "free" isn't always helpful.)

After the experience of ordering then returning the newer KitchenAid chopper hadn't worked out, I decided to look on eBay and searched for the lid only (once again).

WOW ! there were several "lid only" auctions. I contacted a "buy-it-now" seller who offered a money back guarantee if it didn't work. No problem, and I figured it would work after she said the model number was KFC31200WH.

Lid came and it didn't fit and looked like the Appliance Parts lid that also didn't work.

Once again, contacted seller and returned lid.

No, didn't give up and
 checked eBay auctions selling the entire unit with lid and bowl.

Found one. The seller said the unit worked perfectly, only "issue" was an upside
down nameplate. Placed a bid and won and total cost (with shipping) was under $15. Unit arrived fine, looked as described, done deal (finally).

Curious, I wondered if the lid and bowl from this unit would fit my older unit. Not only did it not fit, but looked same as 2 lids bought earlier that also didn't fit.

Found out why when I looked at the eBay purchased model and saw the model number — KFC3100WH2

Problem solved, manufacturer's fault. KitchenAid had updated/improved this model during the product's lifespan, adding the 2; sellers didn't distinguish between models KFC3100WH and KFC3100WH2.

Not only does the eBay purchase work, I also have a spare lid courtesy of Appliance Parts Pro because it fits too.

Wondering what happened to the older unit that started this chain of events?
It's still working. I glued the cracked part, used it, and it's holding up.
Lessons learned?
Just because something is described as a match, doesn't mean it will work.
Now, it looks like I'll be using these appliances for another 15+ years.

How about you — any appliance stories headaches of your own?


Sandra said...

thanks for the laughs, I loved this story. it is so murphy's law and my life is always full of it. don't know why it is funny but to me it is. and I love a happy ever after ending. now you have 2 that work.

L.G. Gabel said...

Well, I guess it will be funny in hindsight: a year from now! My dishwasher broke Labor Day weekend. It was just a small part that closed a circuit and let the dishwasher know that it was safe to run. Since the dishwasher was at least 15 years old, I decided to buy a new one. It could be delivered in two weeks. It came, the installers said they couldn't hook it up because the water supply line needed to be adapted. The plumber came the next day, and fixed that problem. I rescheduled the install, and they came a week later. But, they claimed that the leveling legs on the old dishwasher were frozen, and I probably would need a handyman to remove the old machine. Found one, and he came a week later, and was able to remove the old machine without having to cut anything. But, when we finally looked at the new machine, the front panel was dented, and the handle broken. Called the manufacturer, and they sent out replacement parts, which came a week later. Called the handyman to do the install, and he came a week later, got the new washer in place. Finally tried to run it, and it didn't work. Called the appliance company that had replaced the door panel, and they came a week later. Turns out the main motor is bad, and has to be replaced. It's a week later, and no word on the replacement. If you're counting, that's 7 service calls, and 8 weeks since delivery, and I'm still waiting!

William Kendall said...

Headache after headache. At least it turned out well.

Connie said...

Wow, you had to go through a lot just to get what you needed. Persistence paid off for you. Glad you have what you need now.

Emma Springfield said...

Sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm glad you have working models again.

My name is Erika. said...

I think they change appliances as much as technology changes. The new idea of making things so disposable is sad since so many newer models are so cheap and don't last. I had a part go in my dishwasher and it was the only part you couldn't get a replacement too. But like you it was an adventure before I discovered that. Am glad you found one you liked and have solved the lid issue. Hugs-Erika

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Things just aren't made to last anymore and I think manufacturers depend on people throwing away broken items and buying new ones. You certainly were persistent! Now with two of them, you should be good for another 30 years! -Jenn

Valerie said...

I'm surprised you are still sane! Glad you got things sorted though.

Anvilcloud said...

Don't flip your lid when I say that you are certainly tenacious.

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