Thursday, January 19, 2017

Once Upon a Story . . .

Remember when someone told you a story?

We all like stories — no matter what age or where we live. 

Stories are timeless. Thankfully, folks are still telling them today, whether broadcast on radio or being shared through computers, tablets, and smart phones through podcasts.

Podcasting has continued to grow in both audience and programming in recent years; the term derives from pod (ipod) and cast (radio broadcast). 

Podcasts, which have been called, "Internet radio on demand" can provide more content than broadcast radio. AM and FM bands have limited channels airing content to reach a "broad" audience. Satellite radio provides more choices, but usually on a scheduled basis. A podcast is aimed at those interested in listening (or watching) on their schedules.  

In a March 2016 post, I wrote about several of my (then) favorite podcasts. I've expanded my listening with even more. Here's some of my current favorite podcasts.

The Moth bills itself as "true stories told live." It's old-fashioned story telling where ordinary people from all walks of life tell stories in front of a live audience. Three times a month, audiences gather to listen to these strangers tell them stories. This is one of the well respected and most popular podcasts around today.

The Monti, based in North Carolina also features people telling stories to a live audience. Topics range from families, friends, and loves, to hopes and dreams. These true stories are told by people who don't use notes in sharing their amazing and often compelling tales. Monthly story sessions are held around the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of NC. 

Mortified celebrates stories shared through the strange and extraordinary things people did in childhood. Adults share their most embarrassing youthful diaries, letters, poems, and more. They often reveal intimate details about their lives from a first kiss, first smoke, family spats, to their best or worst job.

Ever heard of a story-slam ? 
This is an open microphone competition open to anyone who wants to share a 5-minute story based on the evening's theme. "Story-slammers" sign up on the night of the event. The Moth regularly hosts story-slams which can be viewed online via YouTube

For me, podcasts are not only entertaining but often informative, and it's something I can do while using the treadmill in the gym here.

Your turn — Do you listen to or have any favorite podcasts?


Sandra said...

the only podcasts I have listened to are a few sermons from a church . this is helpful info because hubby asked me last week, what is a podcast. he saw it mentioned on TV which is his drug of choice. I had a hard time telling him. now I know where the word came from. I am a visual person, I learn by doing or seeing, not by reading a book. sitting and listening with no visual, my mind wanders to other things. I could never listen to radio shows. now though when I am in the car, I have 5 talk radio stations and I listen to idiots call in and ask dumb questions. I like listening to a doctor who answers questions on NPR, 2 of the channels are NPR and have really interesting things. not a podcast but a radio. the short answer would be no I do not watch/listen to podcast

William Kendall said...

Admittedly, no, I haven't listened to much in the way of podcasts.

Emma Springfield said...

It reminds of lying on the floor listening to old radio broadcasts of The Shadow and the Lone Ranger to name only a couple. And yes I actually did that.

Country Gal said...

Both of us enjoy listening to podcasts of books we call them our story time . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

Anvilcloud said...

Sue, likes the Moth, so she'd probably like these others. I'll forward the link.

Connie said...

I haven't listened to podcasts, but I'm aware of them. These sound like fun and interesting ones to listen to.

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