Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Decos - Come Inside

We've had (a lot) of fun sharing memories as we decorated inside (and outside) our NH apt this holiday season. SO much fun that we decided to share our displays with friends who won’t be able to visit. While we would enjoy seeing our fellow bloggers, that just isn't possible; this post is an overview of what we've done since Thanksgiving. (And, there's more to come.) 

Last year was our 1st NH Christmas; however, we spent the holidays in NJ due to the unexpected passing of my mother. She is "sharing" some holiday decor which was once in her home. We put up our 4-foot tree on a table and Grenville elevated some of the village with styrofoam pieces under the snow blanket (good thing both are white).  We had most of the New England village pieces, but this year added some thrift store finds of snowmen and Santas which will become permanent pieces.
The vintage tablecloth belonged to my late mother and was used in her home during many holiday get-togethers in my childhood. Back then, I never noticed that there are different scenes in each ornament along the front. Most of my mother's household possessions were donated, but I kept some pieces to use and remember. (She is here with us at Christmas time.)

Grenville created a Christmas tree light outline on a mill window using some of unused tree lites. We can see the lights  from across the Nashua River. The other night we took a ride and could see the Christmas light tree and our small tree. There weren’t many other decorated windows so it wasn’t hard to find; unfortunately it doesn’t show up well from such a distance, perhaps taking along a zoom-lens camera would be helpful the next time.

This village is nestled below the tree and this year Grenville elevated some of the village buildings with styrofoam pieces (good to save some packing materials) then covered all with a "snow" blanket (think Christmas Tree store shopping). The pieces to the this Dept. 56 New England-themed village were bought over the years we lived in NJ; now it's quite appropriate that we live in NE. This year's additions included some snowmen and Santas purchased at thrift stores and flea markets; these will become permanent pieces. 

A Nativity has been part of our holiday display for many Christmases and this one combines a couple of sets. Mine was originally bought at an S.S. Kresge store (remember those?). This year, I donated most of the figures, replacing them with pieces from a set of my late mother's.  Those made in Italy pieces showed more detail than mine. The creche is from my set as are some of the animal figures added over the years. You will also see that there are extra angels as you can never have too many. (Again, mom's spirit is here at Christmas.) 

This Charlie Brown trio was bought at a CVS in PA during an after-Christmas sale last year at a ridiculously low price (under $5) for all. We hope to find more of Charlie's friends on sale during after holiday sales this year too.

These Christmas bears survived the "cut" of those donated when we relocated from VA.

We've also decorated the exterior entry of our mill apt (a subject for another post). We hope that you've enjoyed seeing our inside decorations "tour." And, if your travels take you anywhere near Nashua, NH during the holidays, please DO let us know!
Merry Christmas to All
Dorothy (Beatrice) & Pat (Grenville)


Emma Springfield said...

I love Christmas. You have outdone yourselves with your beautiful decorations.

William Kendall said...

So.... it would seem you take Christmas decorating pretty seriously!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I remember when you bought the Peanuts Gang at that "rediculously low, low price." I rushed right down to see if our CVS had them..and they did NOT! LOL That is my favorite of your Christmas decor. Always loved Peanuts and the gang. I have their Christmas video's...and now everything is CD'S!!! Ya just can't win, can you?
You've done a bang up job setting up your cute Christmas displays...You are "on top of it" for sure. Thanks for sharing with us..
As you know, I have fallen off the wagon with my blog..and I just cannot seem to get back to it. Makes me sad..and I cannot even tell you why I've drifted. I really cannot. One thing is that a dear blogger friend began calling our blogs "pretty blogland" in a rather back handed way that made me feel a bit silly with my postings so I just backed off for a bit and then could not get started.
Much love in the spirit of Christmas to both of you..and may your days be Merry and Bright.
I saw the picture of your home..where you used to live in your banner...and felt a twinge..HOW would have loved to live in a home like that!!

Anvilcloud said...

You certainly went to town, so to speak. I saw even more pics in Feedly. Maybe you decided to split it into two posts?

We have some piece of that same NE Village, but fewer than you. I will post some pics someday.

Connie said...

Your decorations are lovely! I have a few that belonged to my Mom and Dad that we put up too. It does make it seem like they are there with us during the holidays.

DeniseinVA said...

Fantastic decorations and how lovely that you have some from your mother. She would be very proud of your displays and seeing hers among them. Special treasures. I have enjoyed seeing them very much. A little early but just in case I don't get back for a while, we are wishing you and Pat A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year. Hopefully we will be able to see you in 2016.

Kay G. said...

Love your Christmas tree on the table! And I love your Mom's tablecloth, with the ornaments with different scenes in each on! Everything looks beautiful.
Have a merry Christmas!! xx

Anonymous said...

You are so into the Christmas cheer. Good for you!

Ludwig Keck said...

Oh, so comfortingly inviting and warm! Thank you for sharing!
All the bet to you in this joyous season!

L. D. said...

I really like seeing all of these decorations. It is so fun to display and enjoy them for the season.

Patrica Ball Morrison said...

The nativity set made in Italy resembles my very first Fontanini set,it is Italian. Mine has a music box attached to the structure nd plays silent night. I have a huge collection of Fontanini figurines, many quite collectible, but don't get most of that stuff out. Always running out of time as we travel so much. Besides I detest taking it all down and putting it away, so I forego. You really went all our decorating, just back from Europe a couple weeks here and little decorating done, tree is up, some nativity sets out, that's enough.

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