Thursday, January 12, 2017

Never Believe a Salesman

To be sure, there are many serious problems in the country and the world. We recognize that this is not one of those . . . but some things are just SO frustrating and annoying. This is just a personal rant; thanks for reading. 

It's been widely said "never trust a car salesman." We can't vouch for that statement as our vehicles are 10 and 13 years old, respectively.

However, we do have direct experience with a furniture salesman, who was very friendly when we were looking at the purchase of a new BR set last September. (Disclaimer: this is a personal experience post and not meant to disparage ales people. There are some very fine ones who we have dealt with on other purchases.)

That said, this is a (very) long post about a furniture buying experienceWe were ready for something new and really nice in the bedroom. Our previous furniture was inexpensive and serviceable, but nothing "special." We were ready for "special and nice."

We found it over the Labor Day weekend in early Sept after checking out several major retailers in Nashua, NH. The salesman told us that the set we selected would be coming from NC, a plus as we prefer "made in USA" whenever possible. We bought a platform bed, 2 dressers, 2 nightstands, and a new queen mattress. The salesman told us the BR set was a popular model, custom made and that delivery would not be until mid to late October.

That was OK. We had sold our current furniture. The purchasers were willing to wait until the holidays to pick it up.

All was good or so we thought.

In October, the furniture store manager told us there was a back order on the platform bed. Now, it would not be available until mid-November. We let the buyers of our set know of the delay and again no problem. As the end of November got closer, we contacted them and arranged for a weekend pickup. We figured the set would be in shortly so we could "rough" it for a few nights sleeping on the couch and futon.  

WAIT . . . another call and YES another delay, until mid-December. But, the mattress and nightstands were ready for delivery, no dressers or platform bed. 

Nightstands and mattress were delivered, along with a loaner box spring and bed frame. We were assured the remaining pieces would be in the warehouse before year-end. As we would be away for part of the Christmas holiday, this latest delay (while frustrating) wasn't a big issue. We arranged for end of December delivery.

You guessed it. 
Christmas came (and went) and no delivery. We called and were told that the bed frame wasn't in yet. Delivery was rescheduled for January 11.

The day before (January 10),  we got a call from the warehouse. The bed was checked and the wrong bed frame had been sent. The manufacturer would be called and we would receive a new estimated delivery date.

New date -  4-6 weeks, which means about the end of February. 
No kidding!

The salesman after taking the order (and full payment) has not been in contact despite assurances he would "be in touch." In November, the store manager assured us he'd "be keeping on top of this order" is either "not in" or "unavailable" in recent weeks. Have both forgotten that the customer comes first?

And that statement about the furniture coming from NC was a bit very misleading. That's because the manufacturer's warehouse and distribution center is in NC; it's not made there. A fact we didn't know until the pieces were delivered with a country of origin tag. 

Would we have bought it knowing this beforehand?

Probably not as "made in USA" is important to us and we would have shopped elsewhere. That said, the pieces we've received are well made. A friend suggested we return it all, but after investing so much time, the prospect of starting over is not appealing.

What irks us most (besides all the delays) is the repeated failure to return phone calls. 

By the end of this week, we're visiting the local furniture store.
It's harder to ignore customers that way. 

How about you?
Have you had any buying experiences that went really bad?

(No names have been included herein nor will we disclose the name of the furniture store which is a national retailer. Name starts with "A." Draw your own conclusions.)


gigihawaii said...

I had problems with a car dealer. No spare tire inside the trunk of my brand new car.

As for furniture, the salesman screwed up and our furniture was delayed by 1 month.

Your experience was just awful.

Sandra said...

What is story and you still have no bed. That's what happens when you pay for things ahead of time. The only thing I can say is after the second delay I would have demanded my money back and kept none of it

William Kendall said...

What a headache. When you eventually get everything, you might want to file a formal complaint over this nonsense, and definitely leave a bad review if they've got a Facebook page. That's unacceptable.

Emma Springfield said...

Automobiles are a bit easier. I say that because reputable dealers will allow you to take the car to your mechanic for inspection. Because they are separate from the dealership the mechanic can give you the information you need to decide if the purchase is worth the money. Unfortunately anyone who relies on commission for a living will "bend" the facts to be able to get a paycheck.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

How terrible that you have to go through all of this! As tough as things are getting for businesses, you would think that they would treat customers so much better! I think I would try to find someone over this companies head to complain to.........maybe even the BBB

Ginnie said...

I live in North Carolina and I've become so annoyed with the shenanigans that occur here ... so I rant too, but for different reasons. The hardest part I've found with ranting is that no one else seems to care !

Doris said...

If the store that starts with an A is what I think it is, one of my nephews used to set up showroom displays for them....he's moved on :)
Yes, we had a frustrating dishwasher replacement a year ago. They just couldn't get the new one that ended up damaged (before getting to us) OUT of their system and continued to schedule delivery of that same damaged one. We weren't thrilled to recieve dishwasher with a hole it...! Imagine that.
I really hope you get the rest of your order soon.

Lynn said...

This is just a buying nightmare, sounds like. So sorry this is happening to you. Give us updates?

So funny, but when I was clearing out my late parents' home, I asked a local antique shop if I could send two dining room pieces (china cabinet and buffet) to sell on consignment. They were mid-century modern pieces - very trendy these days, but originally bought mid-20th century.

The owner of the antique shop sent a photo of the back of the china cabinet shortly after - "Did I realize this was made in China and not the US?" It had been marked China on the back with a marker. I did not and apologized - a little embarrassed. A couple of weeks later, he called and apologized himself. He had just noticed the back of the buffet was marked with the same labeling as "Buffet." :) So the china cabinet was just marked China to identify it as such.

Connie said...

Oh my. Situations like this are so frustrating and maddening. I hope you get the rest of what is due you soon. It seems like there ought to be someone higher up that you can write a letter of complaint to also. This is not how business should be conducted.

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