Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Snowmen Surprises

YIKES! There was a snowman explosion here last week!

Here's a look at snowmen gathered outside our apt entry shortly before Christmas. 
(We added a couple figures after this photo was taken.)

NEW snowball snowmen arrived while we were away visiting family on Christmas.
Can YOU spot the 3 newcomers?
Did you spot these new additions in the above photo?
Yes, we asked around to Thank the culprit gift giver, but none of our neighbors 'fessed up.

We're very thankful for these unexpected surprises; these snowmen will stay in place well after the holiday season — winter has just started in New England  it's snowing today!

We hope that everyone who's having wintry weather is safely indoors. Thankfully, schools are closed here as in many places for the holiday break. We are keeping those affected by holiday storms in our prayers. 


William Kendall said...

You really do take your snowmen seriously!

Emma Springfield said...

You must be leaving out some good snowman treats to be drawing them to your door.

Michelle said...

Handsome snowmen!

Anvilcloud said...

You have a pleasant entryway. We got a fait dumping yesterday. Looks like you experienced something similar.

Connie said...

Your new snowmen are very cute! We are having our first measurable snowfall of the winter season today.

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