Wednesday, August 5, 2015

101+ Reasons

It's no secret that we really enjoy shopping at a thrift store, no matter where we happen to find one — at home or on a road trip. Recently, we found some great deals.

What did we get?

On a recent trip to the VA eastern shore, we found these books at the Lighthouse Ministries Thrift Store. I formerly volunteered at this little store. It always has terrific finds and even greater people staffing it.

Grenville scored a find with the first two books of the NYPD Red series and one from the Private series by prolific author James Patterson. Sure, these are not great literature, but they are fast and compulsive reads. My finds included books by 2 authors I've never read (really): Patricia Cornwall and Dean Koontz. The Nordstrom Family and Friends Cookbook was just too colorful to pass up, even if we don't need more recipes. Harry Potter is for grandson Bobby's reading library. He and his mom recently bought a couple in this series at a book sale. (We read the entire series and have all the films as well.)

The post title refers to the fact that if these titles were bought at the listed full retail (does anyone still do that?) the total cost would be over $101. 

Our total cost (including VA sales tax) was $3.95.  Not only did we get some incredible savings, but once read we'll recycle (except for HP and the cookbook) to another thrift store for others to enjoy.

This Belkin computer sling bag was bought at a Goodwill Thrift Store in NH. It was a good deal at $4, then at checkout, I found out it was a blue-tagged sale item day and reduced 50% that day. Although used it was still in great condition and well padded. Its $2 final cost (no sales tax in NH) made this a terrific bargain! 

Yes, we shop retail and online for some items. But, we've found that there's no challenge in shopping retailand more fun in ferreting out great deals.

How about you — have you shopped in or found great deals in thrift stores?

If so, what were YOUR great finds?


Out on the prairie said...

I use my senior discount also. When traveling last month a Goodwill had a sign for everything 50% off. I squealed the brakes and found a pair of shorts with my old 44 number on them from a small private college. Getting home they were a bit tight and I should have looked closer to see the fine print that declared womens basketball. They were on the wrong rack.LOL

diane b said...

You sure can sniff out a bargain. We check out thrift stores in country towns when we travel but I can't be bothered with shopping of any kind normally.

Anvilcloud said...

The less shopping that I do of any kind, the more I like it.

Sandra said...

that sling bag is a read deal... i am reading NYPD Red 3, just got it on my kindle yesterday from the library. I read the first 2 from the library and had to wait about a month for each one, almost 2 months for number 3. and I love Patterson and the Private series, read some of them on the kindle and have read most of Koonz and Cornwall. that is a real deal on those to.

Daisy said...

You got some great deals! I haven't shopped at thrift stores lately, but I used to do so more when my sons were little. Baby clothes often have very little wear because babies grow so quickly, so they can be a good buy at thrift stores.

William Kendall said...

I like going for hardcover books, so something like that will suit me.

I remember once finding in a second hand shop a CD soundtrack for a film that would have cost well over fifty bucks in something like Amazon, and got it instead for a couple of bucks.

Anonymous said...

I usually prefer new to used. Lol.

Emma Springfield said...

My sister-in-law found the most divine chaise lounge at a local thrift store. Even though she gifted a couch and chairs (also from a thrift store)to me to make room for it I am jealous and told her so. So I not only shop at thrift stores but I accept hand-me-downs from thrift stores. Not bad, hunh?

Anonymous said...

We have several thrift stores closeby and they benefit great causes. We find good deals on nice books, too.

Rosemary and Thyme said...

I love thrift shops too. Mainly for vintage pieces such as china and flatware. You scored some good deals.

Thank you for visiting me.


Linda said...

Yes. I like thrift stores because the mall stores have nothing original or different. Also, I collect thrift store art! I don't buy it often but once in a while I see something special.

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