Monday, December 29, 2014

In Her Memory

In a pre-holiday post, I wrote that due to a family health issue and out of state travel, we would be taking a temporary blog break. Comments were off then (as now). Pat and I knew that your collective good wishes would be with us. 
The family crisis was my mother's unexpected hospitalization in our home state of NJ. Sadly, she passed away a few days before Christmas. She collapsed in her home, and thankfully my brother was with her. She was transported to the hospital, which is listed as the "official" place of death. Although my mother had been in failing health the past few years, she refused to reside anyplace else. Her desire was to die "at home" and we know that is exactly what happened.

The passing of a loved one, family or friend, is a sad event, even more so at the holidays. I know that my mother is now free from pain, suffering and most of all, I know that she is reunited with my father, whom she's missed since his passing over 30 years ago. Despite that loss, she maintained a strong and independent spirit. While not "tech-savy" in terms of computers and the like, she could tell "what was what." She kept current on world-wide events, watched the nightly news, and read the paper daily.

My mother was 92 years old. Two years ago, she told us wanted to celebrate her 90th year with a blowout birthday party surrounded by family and friends. It was a memorable occasion for everyone especially her. 

I believe that my mother celebrated a wonderful Christmas even though she was not with us. My fondest wish is that she know how much her family loved her and admired her strength, wisdom and generous spirit.

Mom, we love you and are already missing you. You will always be with us in memory and spirit till we meet again one day.

(Thanks to fellow bloggers who sent private emails of concern which were much appreciated by myself and my family.)

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