Sunday, January 17, 2010

First post

Have you ever wondered what others think of your life? Is it interesting? Sound like fun? Wish they could be living it? Think that you are really wasting your time and theirs? Wonder why they are still reading about the boring stuff you are doing?

Well this is our attempt to find the answers to those very questions and maybe even more. In the upcoming ramblings we will share our thoughts, and stuff we are doing. Adventures we are on, thinking of be on, wishing we were on, and even adventures we would rather have missed out on. We will introduce you to the town we live in, some of the folks who live here, the mini farm we work, and some of our philosophies on life.

Hopefully someone will be reading this, and maybe even take the time to comment. Even better you could do that friend thing over on the side so we know who you are (don't worry we are not stalkers, but that could make for a great adventure).

So in the words of that great hill philosopher Jed Clampett "Ya'll come back now, hear."

Grenville T. Boyd


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Limulus said...

WOW,,, what a wonderful and exciting blog. I can't wait to read more of the adventures of Grenville and Beatrice.

Anonymous said...

OK! Lets see if this works! Very exciting!
Glad you liked dinner last night.

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