Thursday, November 5, 2015

Walking Quietly

Fall colors are out in full display and nowhere is more famously noted for its color then the New England area. 

(Thanks for a couple of fellow bloggers who previewed this post a couple of days ago. It was to be a "scheduled" post but I inadvertently clicked to publish it, then removed it.)

Last week we didn't have to venture very far from Nashua, NH to find an explosion of red, yellow, and orange colors. We went to a place we've been passing weekly for the past year when we go to the supermarket.
There never seemed to be enough time to stop, but last weekend we didn't go shopping, but instead drive a few miles to this cemetery and walked its paths. We weren't the only ones being awed by the colors and the solitude as there were several others with camera in hand.

Aside from an occasional hello, we noticed that others, like ourselves, were relatively quiet when walking along the paths.

Even though a major roadway was just outside the gates, there was a feeling of peaceful beauty and solitude within the cemetery.

Many headstones were quite old and there were numerous family plots. However, this gathering was definitely the most unusual we saw that afternoon.

Have you ever explored a cemetery. If so, was it in your area or while traveling? 


Daisy said...

Such beautiful colors in the leaves. This looks like a serene spot to take a walk.

diane b said...

The colours are stunning and the cemetery couldn't be in a better setting.

Emma Springfield said...

A cemetery is such a good place to walk. It is peaceful and as you show the scenery cannot be beat. You did find an unusual family plot. The headstones are remarkable.

Rebecca said...

Those pictures are fabulous. We have been getting some beautiful colors here, ourselves. Spring and Fall are our favorite seasons around here. But you have to swelter through summer and shiver through winter to get them. And to appreciate them.

Ginnie said...

Your post reminds me of the years I spent in Massachusetts as a child. Our North Carolina foliage is nowhere near as lovely as those. My mother loved cemeteries and it would be the first place she would want us to visit whenever we got together.

L. D. said...

It really is a beautiful cemetery. They seem to have a certain mood anyway but the yellow fall leaves really make more serene.

NCmountainwoman said...

We not only visit all the cemeteries in our area, we seek them out when we travel. Fascinating to see the older ones.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cemetary and the colors are just fantastic!

Yes I love walking around in cemeteries and it can be both where I live or while travelling.

Havce a great day!

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