Sunday, September 2, 2012

It’s All About the Updates

That was the story nearly ALL day last Friday between updating the GPS and the desktop PC’s internet security/anti-virus program.

First, came a message from TomTom that an update was available for my GPS. This is NOT the GPS unit that Grenville complained about never listening to him, but a TomTom GPS that I bought  to replace a unit which didn’t  have lifetime map updates and had a smaller display. It was actually cheaper more cost effective selling the old one (on eBay) and getting a newer one vs. paying for map updates. Over time, updating is more costly than buying a current model with FREE lifetime updates.

Less than 2 months ago, full USA and Canada map updates were downloaded/installed. So, I thought this update was small. But, NO it was a FULL update . . . which typically takes over 9 hours to download/install the maps via Internet Explorer through our DSL internet connection, which admittedly is NOT the fastest connection.  (We live in a small area and consider ourselves fortunate to be past a dial-up modem, but unfortunately don’t have fiber-optics for faster Internet connectivity.)   tom tom collage1
Screen shots from the download at various times during the day. Yes, those times are strange and what’s even stranger is how they change for each percentage of download. Does anyone know WHY?
Yes, this process could work in the background, but that could take even IMG_4812longer. Besides, there were other things to do that don’t involve using a computer – there really are such things!  Above is the message I finally received . . .At THIS time.IMG_4810
Not Yet . . .

Next, it was time to update Symantec’s Norton Internet Security, which had been displaying really annoying warnings for the past 25 days. The latest ones were highlighted in red to caution that update protection would be lost IF renewal wasn’t done.  BUT, Symantec wanted $69 to renew, but at 2 days left, it dropped to $49.  I passed up this “sale” and bought a single PC install from Amazon online for under $20 and waited until the last day to install it.

THIS update is a process that requires not only installing the new version, which thankfully reinstalls over a previous one, followed by product activation, installation, restarting the PC, live updating, another restart, and then a full system scan.
security collage
I’m glad these updates are done (for awhile) cause it’s exhausting just posting about them.

Do you have any unusually long ones too?


DeniseinVA said...

Phew! You had a busy day and I'm sorry but I do not have a clue about these things.

Elaine said...

Oh, yes, doing updates can be very frustrating and time consuming. My Internet connection isn't the fastest either. While various levels of speed are available in other parts of town, our neighborhood, of course, doesn't have those available.

If I understand correctly, the variations in times left on a download vary as connectivity speeds vary, and I think that varies with how many people are connected at any given time, sunspots, and gremlins dancing on the lines. My theory is they really have no idea how long it will take, but they put that up there just to make you think something is happening, while the reality is they have one hamster available to power the download and you have to wait until your turn comes up. Of course, that's just a theory.....

Sandra said...

my updates are fast because we have cable internet high speed and it is not cheap. but dial up that i had years ago was causing me high blood pressure from WAITING. thus the highs peed. my friend lives alone, she is 80 and can use her computer but not do anything like downloads. she told me her Norton kept screaming at her like yours, and saying 13 days and you will have no protection. her husband died a couple of months ago and she is on very limited funds and could not afford the 80 dollar they were asking for, i am wondering why yours went to 49 and hers did not. anyway, the cable we use offers free McAfee antivirus with our cable, so i spent an hour downloading the free one, only to find out the firewall will not work on it UNTIL Norton is uninstalled. so now we are waiting for Norton to run out, and i will make a trip over to see if the firewall works. Love/hate computers

Lois Evensen said...

Our home internet connection is very fast. Our GPS is built into our Ford Edge and downloads come quite fast.

It's funny to live with two very different types of connections. On board the ship at sea we have a satellite connection that we only use for email because it is so slow: I do the really fun internet stuff while in US ports where I connect via my personal Verizon air card.

Regarding the differences in time that you see on the screen for downloads, I believe it's a computation of the current speed and the amount of data left. The current speed will vary with bandwidth use (by you and others sharing it).

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Thankfully my antivirus program updates without telling me I have to do a thing :-) But I do dislike these long time updates that can take hours! Especially since my internet connection breaks down every now and again. It is good while its working though :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My dear friend, I don't even know how to make my own header. I hate to ask others but when it comes to this computer...I'm terrible.
I do know it takes forever to download photo's for my posts..but I think whoever was trying to push you by saying "time is running out" would make me run the other way!
Good for you for not falling for that time thing. There are so many scams to get you to buy things that it can be overwhelming.
My husband falls for them and it rather drives me crazy. We each have our own computers..and I have threatened to sever mine from his. He has AT&T and now we are entangled with their so called protection plan and HE spends hours...and I mean that, on the phone to foreign countries trying to understand them and get our computer connection straightened out..
I've decided that when I get a new computer...and I will in time...I am not hooking up with his. Grrrr
Is my frustration showing? :)
I just figured my computer was slow because it is old. Who knows? I certainly don't!
Many hugs! :)

Montanagirl said...

Actually, I defected from Windows Computers to iMac (Apple) computers several years ago. The nice thing about the iMac: It doesn't require virus protection. So I'm told, they just don't get them. Virus files are .exe files, and the Macs don't know how to read them, so if it gets one, it just dumps it in the download folder, and you can trash it. I'm sure the day is coming though.

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