Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Town Halls of New Hampshire

Some of you may remember during last years Autumn trip i was collecting images of windows, doors, and things we step on. I decided this years collection, besides trains, would be Town Halls. New England’s town halls make up a special part of community life here. Many of these buildings date back over 100 years and have been the center of their community’s life. Most are massive in size. Many have auditoriums, and some even have movie theatres. Here are a few collages of Town Halls we have seen already, with more to come.
Dover TH Dover NH
HollisTH Col Hollis NH
ManchesterTH col Manchester NH
MilfordTH Col Milford NH
NashuaTH col 
Nashua NH
wilton TH Wilton NH (has a movie theatre on the 2nd floor)
AS time permits i will do a separate post for each Town Hall.


Country Gal said...

Lovely buildings with many different types of windows. Fantastic photos. Have a wonderful eve.

Sandra said...

they are all beautiful, I love old buildings

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