Monday, September 19, 2011

On the Frontier

So why was there no post on Saturday or Sunday???? Being here in Bryson City, deep in the Smokey Mountains, is sort of like being on the Frontier. In fact that is what the internet provider is named out FrontierLogohere, Frontier. Now where is this all leading???? Last night i was just finishing my post when Beatrice said that she had lost the internet connection. Some research showed that the whole building was out. The front desk tried resetting, rebooting, and renetting, but we were DISCONNECTED!!!!!!! Cut off from the world and its wide web!!!!!! We were forced to watch TV. Could things get worse that this?????

Well yes it could since Sunday morning we were still out, as was the local library and almost every business in town with Wi-Fi. In fact most of western North Carolina is disconnected tonight.

And this is where we are tonight, Sunday. Still disconnected, but writing our blog which we will post as soon as we can.

If you are reading this we have reconnected>>>>



possum said...

And people laugh at me keeping this s...l...o...w dial up. BUT, when we go to the Poconos, we have to drive 12 miles to the closest wifi connection, and it often is not working. But, I can usually find a land line.
Funny how we are now used to things we never dreamed of when we were kids and some folks just don't know what to do without them.
Guess that is why I like having books around. Reading! What a novel idea!

Elaine said...

Oh, no, but off from everyone! But what a perfect opportunity to just relax and have fun.

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