Sunday, September 4, 2011

Irene’s Aftermath

Folks, we’re on a road trip this Labor Day weekend. This streets Manville0811 (4)time we returned to our home state of NJ. This was a family visit as my mother’s birthday is next weekend, but there’s the possibility that hurricane (Katia) could impact the east coast.

So, Grenville and I decided to make an early visit. It would also give us time to visit friends we don’t see during the year as our NJ trips are usually shorter.

In between visiting my mother and friends, we went to Somerville, NJ, where I lived for 10 years. It borders Manville, NJ, which was hard hit with flooding from Hurricane Irene last weekend.
damage collage 
We drove through streets in Manville and saw nearly entire contents of homes piled high by the curbside. These photos were taken as we drove past several side streets. It seemed that no street had escaped flooding damage.
cleanup Manville0811 (15)
Flood waters had receded, but leaves and trees showed the high water marks. Toys and household appliances were tossed in unusual places.damage collage2
Other parts of NJ and states, including NY and Vermont, also received widespread devastation and damages. We pray that Katia makes other plans and spares folks in these states further grief.


Lois Evensen said...

How very, very sad. Yes, there is another storm on the way. I hope it goes out to sea where the ships can dodge it.

Country Mouse Studio said...

Oh dear, how sad. Hope you have a good trip.

JoJo said...

My Sister is in NJ for a wedding. We spoke the other day. She was staying with my cousin in Pompton Plains and described these same scenes to me. I feel for these poor people.
I am also hoping this new storm stays out to sea.

Elaine said...

Very sad to see the devastation from the flooding. Hopefully Katia will stay away. Those folks don't need another storm to add to their misery. Enjoy your visit with your mother.

possum said...

How sad. Reminds me of Hurricane Agnes.1972? Agnes went up the Bay and followed the Susquehanna river up to NY then turned around and came back down. I had family in the Wilkes-Barre area. Water came within 1 foot of the second floor. Miles and miles of piles of furniture, ruined cars, ruined lives.
Yes, we are watching Katia and getting ready for the rain from Lee as I type this.

Be safe coming home, ya'all!

Sandra said...

I enlarged the photos and the details, especially that first collage tell the whole story. and a sad sad story it is

Daisy said...

I heard there was another storm coming. Sad to see all the flood damage that has been done there. I hope you have a nice visit on your trip.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hello Everyone, seeing this devastation firsthand was very sad. Flooding has hit this town before and for many folks this was a repeat disaster.

It's hard for me to photograph people's misery, which is why all these shots were taken from the car as we drove past some of the side streets in Manville, NJ.

Hopefully, these folks and many others will be spared further misery and the predicted storms will dissipate.

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