Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Party Prep

What????? You landlubbers, hill folks, and Highlanders don’t know about Hurricane Parties????? Well get ready for some Coastal, sea level thoughts.

First thing you must remember is that most Hurricanes are short lived, but really intense events. Soooo you need to get ready days ahead. First you go to the food store and stock up on milk, bread, and Twinkies. This has to be done early so you don’t get beaten out by the old folks. When you leave you should have at least a two week supply with you.

Next you have to consider the decorations. Minimal is the watchword here. Unlike your typical BBQ you don’t need chairs, tables, tikki torches, smudge pots, marshmalpatio cleared (1)low sticks, smoker grills, or strings of festive left over Christmas lights you forgot to put away. Put is all away. Strip that patio or porch nekid!!!! If you can’t store them than a good round up and lassoing will do.


rockers tied (1)                  benches tied (2)

          Next find some really light blow away sort of building and strap it down. (Attention guys,,, this is a great excuse to head out to Tractor Supply). You’ll need some BIG cork screws, some webbed ratchet straps, a new flashlight, and a John Deere hat.

greenhouse tied dpwn (1) In our neighborhood blue straps are in style this season. The 8 pack is the best deal. If they still have generators you might as well grab one of those too. Can never have too many….           

Your almost ready now!!!! the next step can be relegated to the kids. Go around and pick up all the little chachkies the girls have stuck around the yard. You know, the ones you drove over while cutting the grass. The ones that bent the blade and ended up in a million pieces that you are still hitting while mowing.               

chimes to go patio lanterns to go flamingo guard (1)

By this time your barn should be full and looking like this

barn packed And don’t forget that most sacred item of all outdoor furniture. The one and only piece you were allowed (after some major whining) to pick out. The Honorable Hammock.

hammock to go

So now you are ready to sit back and wait for those wonderful 11 and 5 o’clock National Hurricane bulletins.

We added a few extra steps this time, like gassing up the chain saw, fueling the tractor, taking the mowing deck off to help drive over debris piles. You can also bring some tarps and rope in the house, fill the bathtub if you are on a well (no flushing without electric).

So you may be wondering what the Princess was doing all this time????? I have to admit, she refuses to miss out on fun stuff like this. She took the ride to Tractor Supply with me. Helped clear, took all the pictures, made some great tomato sauce from the last of the tomatoes, and best of all invented “Fried Eggplant Poppers” (don’t worry AC, the recipe will follow).

Well as of 5PM Irene was approaching the Outer Banks and getting ready to turn Northeast and hug the coast. The intensity seems to be lessening and she should be just a Cat 2 storm as she passes us tomorrow evening. Hopefully she will be in a hurry to get to the ‘Big Apple’.

[Image of 3-day forecast of predicted track, and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

That is us just below the third H on the chart. I’ll have more on this in the morning. Now I think i have to go save some ice cream from a possible ‘melt down’.



Lois Evensen said...

Stay safe, my friends.

Montanagirl said...

Do stay safe. I'm glad I'm in Montana!

Daisy said...

I think a hurricane party is one I'd rather not attend. Hope the worst of it misses you and that you all stay safe.

Denise said...

Hey there, sounds like you are more than prepared. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow too and will check in. Good thoughts heading your way tonight and into tomorrow. See you after Irene vacates the area :)

Anonymous said...

I hope she weakens a bit more before she hits! The worst hurricane we´ve had these last years was called Gudrun and she made a mess of the southern parts of Sweden, That was still only a category one hurricane according to Your system.

But since we often have cold and snowy winters we are usually prepared for week long problems of getting food and other things, at least we out here on the countryside. Power usually works here no matter what though.

Take care in that hurricane now!

JoJo said...

when I saw the picture of the tied down furiture it reminded me of when I was a kid and spent summers on the NJ coast. You see those storms coming in and ran around tying all the out door stuff up.
Stay safe hope it passes over easy on you all.

Picturit said...

Best wishes from the UK never experienced a hurricane and don't really want to. You all stay safe over there and I prey it is not as sever as expected. Kev

Anvilcloud said...

I just got up and am now tired having to do all of that work with you. All the best.

Mama-Bug said...

Glad you're well prepared! Stay safe you two!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Folks,
Thanks fpor all of the well wishes. We seem to be ready (well as ready as one can be). For thos e that declined the Hurricane Party invite, i fully understand. But for someone who has lived his whole life near the coast this is just the price you sometimes have to pay.
Jo Jo where were yo uon the Jersey Coast??? We were in Beachwood.
AC, sorry iv'e tired you.... go take a nap. I know i will later this afternoon since it will be a very long night.
On th eplus side, we have fresh tomatoe sauce, Choclate zuc bread, adn the Princess is whipping up some Butternut Squash Soup for later.

Sandra said...

I missed the party preparations but am here now, we live in FL so I know how it feels to wait. the rockers made me smile, hope they will be safe and the two of you also

grammie g said...

HI Grenville make me feel like I should be heading for the hill, but then again I hear that here it is supposed to go futher inland so maybe not a good idea. LOL

Your post made me laugh and I know it is not a laughing matter,but we can only do what we can and the rest we have no control over!!! eeeeks.....

Be safe Grace

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Your hurricane prep idea of putting things in the barn works MOST of the time.....

We filled our barn to the gills with the chairs, pots, bbq, gizmos, pool decorations and "stuff" decorating our 3.5 acre place and then.....

A big 100 year old pecan fell diagonally across the barn and collapsed the loft down onto the ground floor.

It was a sad, sad day and we still curse Hurricane Gustav!

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