Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peaches and Apples

Last week Grenville posted photos showing the Frog & PenguINN veggie gardens, wildflowers and the orchard. This overview shows the peach and apple trees.orchard0716
As Grenville said earlier, the peach tree is LOADED this year. We’re planning to freeze some peaches for winter use. Over the weekend, Grenville made a delicious pie with peaches frozen from last year’s harvest. Sorry, we finished the last couple of pieces tonight – they were wonderful served with peach ice cream !
Peach collage0716
And, a closer view  . . .
peaches0716 (3)
The apples are also doing well . . .
apple collage0716
Grenville makes a great pie with these too.
apples0716 (4)
And, if any one reading this post is planning to visit the VA eastern shore in late summer, let us know. We’ll save you a piece of pie and some ice cream too. Sorry, no take-outs so you’ll have to come to the Frog & PenguINN  to enjoy this treat.


texwisgirl said...

the peaches look awesome. :)

Lois Evensen said...

Goodness that looks wonderful. What do you do to keep the squirrels from getting to the fruit before you do?

grammie g said...

Hi Beatrice....your peaches wow...I wish we could grow can but not with great luck!!
You didn't save me any pie????

Anvilcloud said...

It's very appealing to me, even early in the morning.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Nothing prettier than the pink blush on a peach. I so miss my peach trees, well...I gather the squirrels do. We never got a peach as they beat us to them despite all we did to keep them away from the trees. SO, they were cut down.

What! no overnight shipping? I am drooling.

possum said...

Trust me folks, the pie was delicious! I bet I gained 5 lbs just with one slice! Don't anyone tell my doctor I was bad!

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

Those peaches looks delicious! I still haven´t found the one that might make it here but I keep on looking after it.

We´ll get lots of apples here this year as well. It´ll be lots of pies this winter :-)

Have a great day!

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Do you get enough fruit to sell or is the fruit yield sufficient only for personal use?

Montanagirl said...

Fresh Peach Pie???? That sound soooo good. Both the Apples and Peaches look really inviting.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks so much, texwis girl. Grenville does work hard in the yard.
Lois, as far as I know squirrels have not been a problem, though I did see one near the feeders today for the first time.
Hey Grammie G, Grenville would make a fresh pie for your visit or should we deliver in the fall when we visit NH and VT, but don't think it would last that long from VA.
AC, glad to hear that cause you might have said it was "the pits."
Tammy, so far no squirrels are attacking ours and hope it stays that way. Now if we could only find a way to email a piece to you, but then the ice cream would melt.
Possum, mum's the word. Glad you enjoyed it.
Hi Christer, there's nothing like apple pies baking in cooler weather.
Linda, we don't sell any fruit cause we like it way too much!
Mona, Grenville (and I) forgot to take any photos before it was all time we'll try to remember.

Daisy said...

Oh how I love a fresh, juicy peach! I wish I lived someplace a bit farther south where peaches are more likely to grow and thrive. It's tricky to get them to do well here.

Out on the prairie said...

i just boiled some peaches to make that pie.

*Honest Abe said...

I am delighted to see the trees doing so well.

I planted a dwarf cherry and two apples. They have taken root and are growing. I might see an apple or a cherry next summer.

Pepper Jax is doing well. He has recovered from his visit to the vet and the shots he got have not seemed to be a bother to him.

Thanks for your visit and comments on my blog.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Nothing better than fresh orchard fruit! I can't wait for my apple and peach twigs to grow!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Daisy, this is our second year with a peach harvest so we are delighted.
Great Steve, did you grow the peaches too?
Hi Abe, hope next year gives you some apples and cherries, but then I'm not sure if these are edible fruits. Glad to hear that Pepper Jax is doing well. Thanks for your visit too!
Kathleen, amen to that!

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