Monday, July 4, 2011

BIG B-A-N-G Holiday

Not sure HOW many folks actually buy these, but the local Wal-Mart sure had many choices for amateur pyrotechnic enthusiasts out there . . .

fireworks collage
We’re glad none of these folks live in our neighborhood, cause it’s a quiet night at the Frog & PenguINN.

And, it’s just what Grenville and I need tonight after a weekend of activities – more than usual for us cause in summer time we’re  tired by the weekend, which is recoup time for us, But not this weekend, which had us on the go with July 4th related events. Within the past 36 hours we . . .
  • Hosted a small get-together Sat evening with some friends.
  • Attended an outdoor band concert and ice cream social.
  • Watched a non-motorized July 4th parade. (Grenville participated as a walking billboard to advertise the book sale below.)
  • Helped the Friends of the Library with their annual Firecracker book sale after the parade.
  • Attended the 5th Annual Doo-Dah parade in Onancock, VA (next town) always held in late afternoon.
An earlier July 4 post, featured colorful attire worn by some folks, including on their head and feet. There’s more to come this week, but until then, Grace (Grammie’s Ramblings) this photo is just for you – it’s not exactly underwear, but the closest I could find.
And also in matching His and Her . . .IMG_2391
There’s much more to come later this week about these events. Grenville shot a video of the Doo-Dah parade – these folks really had a great time – and so did we !


Lois Evensen said...

Love the pants. ;)

We don't like fireworks, either, when in the hands of amateurs. I have horror stories of what the older kids in our old neighborhood did with them terrorizing our kids and dogs when our kids were little. I blame the parents for not keeping their kids under control, but sometimes it is the parents themselves who are the idiots.

Happy Independence Day!


Anvilcloud said...

The thing about July 04 is that it gets awfully quiet online. Thanks for interrupting my solitude.

Daisy said...

We have a neighbor or two who buy those do-it-yourself fireworks. Luckily, they don't buy very many! Sounds like you had a jam-packed full weekend!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Lois, we've never bought any fireworks and thankfully neither have any of the neighbors.

AC, you're welcome!

Yes, Daisy we certainly did - more so than usual.

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