Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Great Greenhouse Pt 2.5

The experiment with the incandescent lights didn’t work very well. At best they kept the air temperature about 5 degrees above the outside temp which was in the low 30’s. So tenting over the heated beds is going to be the answer. he lights will be switched back to the CFL’s to reduce costs.

AND after some serious reading about growing tomatoes in the winter, i found out it only works here from October to January. NOT January and February (does that fall under the ‘day late and a dollar short’ philosophy????). But there is great hope for some lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and maybe some early peas. The tomatoes will have to wait till march to get started, but next fall i hope they will be in the greenhouse till New Years.

Tomorrow i’m getting more of the brooder lights lights (at $7 a piece they are a real steal. Don’t get any ideas Possum!!!!!). According to the Farmers Almanac Monday will be a good day to plant above ground plants.

Sorry, No pictures today. I meant to take a picture of the green house lit up last night. Next week i will.


Out on the prairie said...

The holdback for me was the heat needed to keep everything going.One ag writer friend had a idea he had read of a greens operation , that fed rabbits, who heated the greens and their droppings kepts a population of earthworms alive, whose castings were used to grow the greens. Not sure it was actual, but warm bodies do put out some BTU's.There isn't a lot of holding power for vinyl or glass to keep it all in.

Anonymous said...

Your right about the heat issue. We put cable heaters in the soil and it is holding at about 60-65F. Most likely i will use a plastic inclosure over the beds to hold in the heat. BUT then the fresh air circulation has to be addressed. It will be a challenge to say the least. BUT fresh greens in the winter will be worth it.

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