Friday, October 1, 2010

When is a Cadillac not a car????

Easy,,, when it’s a mountain. And the worst time to drive to the top of a mountain is when it is fogged in, with cyclists trying to peddle up and tour buses trying to come down.

Did I mention the fog that was so thick at the summit (1530 ft) that you could only see about 20 ft???
So the next bunch of photos are from the trip to and from the summit.
P1020798 View from Rt. 3 in Trenton, Me. on the way to Acadia National Park.
These are from the trip up. The trees are just starting to change here on the coast. Shortly after these were taken the fog got so thick there was nothing to shoot and no time to shoot while dodging cyclists and tour buses. Did i mention there was fog?????
P1020825  P1020828
Maine is not only famous for lobster, their coastal fogs are second to none.
These are all from Bubble Pond.  Rumor is that Lawrence Welk vacationed here often before he made it big on TV. Wonder if it was inspirational????? The fog was being pushed in by 30 mph winds.
Tomorrow we’ll be heading back to the park with clear weather. We’ve heard that Elvis may have visited and left stuff behind. Wonder if it was pink?????


Elaine said...

The fog shots are lovely!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Beautiful photos! I love fog except for when I have to drive in it :-) We too get that kind of fog here. Those days I start driving to work really early.
Have a great day now!

Lois Evensen said...

Very, very pretty fog images. Those are framers and keepers. Excellent.

possum said...

Fog is a great compositional tool... great for isolating subjects. Maine fog is legendary. I used to love it - but then I was walking in it or was out on the boat and young enough to have no fear. Mostly, tho, I loved the sounds of the fog horn at night as I went to sleep, and the clanging of the bell bouys... Have a couple of those bells here in VA in the back yahd... takes a lot of wind to make them sound their warning, ayup. Had a little of that the other night.
Sun is shining this morning, folks! WOW! It has been so cloudy here the solar lights are on serious dim or not working at all... but the house plants are inside. phew!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning All and thanks for sharing our Maine Oddesy and my attempts at photography. I agree that the fog is pretty but like you Crister i don't like driving in it, and i'm not sure about the pics being keepers Lois. You judge after you see Beatrice's pics later. THey are the great ones. Back in ESVA we also have some serious fog, enough to delay the opening of schools. Be glad you don't have enough wind to ring your chimes Possum. We took most of our in before we left.

Scott said...

I've been to Maine a couple times, though all I saw was the city of Portland and surrounding area. I'd love to take my wife out there some time as she's never been to New England. It's a beautiful area. I had to laugh at your top of the mountain "summit (1530 ft)". Where I live I'd have to dig a whole 2500 feet deep to get down to 1530 feet. I do love good fog shots and I loved your shots of the "shrooms" too. Thanks for dropping by and reminding me to visit.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Scott, glad to have you drop by and comment on the photos. This is our first visit to Maine as well, although we have been to RI and CT many times to visit family. Regarding the mountains, back home on the VA eastern shore our highest elevation is 35 feet!

It's so much fun reading blogs that sometimes I easily fall behind, so understand how hard keeping up can be at times. Drop-in anytime!

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