Monday, October 11, 2010

Riding the Moosehead

B&ML Logo Sunday was a truly great day. It was the first time i got to ride in a caboose, and in the conductors seat in the cupola, and with one of the founding members of the Brooks Preservation Society.

We got to the departure point at Upper Bridge early and met Joe Fero, Executive Director of the Brooks Preservation Society . In conversation he told me P1030237 that his group started out with a simple goal of restoring the Brooks Station. Next thing he knew they were leasing the rail line from Maine Transportation, rebuilding track, and buying rolling stock. Luckily some of the members of the society just happen to own some rolling stock which is used for the excursions. He also told me that among his many duties he still gets to sweep the floors and take out the garbage. That is Joe taking the garbage out of the caboose. Sounds vaguely familiar to my job at the Historic Onley Train Station .

P1030063 The caboose we rode in is owned my one of the society founders. He told me that when the original B&ML rolling stock was being sold he bought this one for $50. Can you see the envious green tint i still have on my face????

The ride took us from Upper Bridge Belfast to the Brooks Station which is about ten miles. Speed limit on the line is 15mph, so each way takes about an hour. Our train consisted of B&ML locomotive 50, a 70 ton GE diesel, Lackawanna coach 3248, Lackawanna coach 3236, B&ML Open Air Car #25, and our B&ML caboose. (Note to Possum,,, I tried really hard to get the caboose into the back of my car but they kept watching me every minute,,,, Sorry). 


P1030238 belfast train (5)

The next series of pictures were taken from my conductors seat. The country side was really beautiful and the sun even cooperated  by coming out.

P1030243  P1030247 P1030250 P1030259 P1030261 P1030257


Montanagirl said...

Fun post, terrific countryside, and I have a Grandson that would simply LOVE that train ride. He's only 5, but has been into trains since the day he was born! He still loves them, and asks for trains for every birthday, Christmas, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mona,
We have a grandson (4)who is going to love it also. He is already asking to ride trains and his Mom is planning an Amtrak ride to his aunts house soon.

grammie g said...

I am so glad you are enjoying this wonderful state in which I was born with its culture beauty and history.
I come from future north than your adventure has taken you...a small town just outside Houlton, about 2 hrs. north of Bangor.
I have final had a chance to look at you blogging of the trip and am up to date now!!
You have captured so many great things in picture and word I feel like I'm learning all over again about my home!!
You won't be far from me when you get to Bath...Lisbon is about 45 minutes away!!
I'll be checking in on you. : }

Lois Evensen said...

How fun!!!!!!!!!!! One of our favorite rides was on the Kentucky Dinner Train where we ate in Eisenhower's dining car. Pretty cool, but we didn't get to ride in the caboose! :)

Anvilcloud said...

There's a train something like that here at this time of year. Well, not here but not too far away.

Elaine said...

Oh, lucky duck to get to ride in the caboose! I think it was a sad day when they retired all the cabooses. It always looks like part of the train is missing.

possum said...

Sending $100 to buy caboose. That is 100% profit, I am sure he will sell. Please advise addy for $$.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kids, So glad that you are sharing our adventure. We are in Brunswick Grammie and will be in Bath tomorrow. The caboose ride is one i have been waiting for Lois, but they wouldn't let me take it home. Did you hear that Possum???
This is the perfect time for a train ride in the country AC. Yes i agree Elaine, a train without a caboose is a sad looking thing. We have no cabooses on our rail line anymore.
Thanks to all for staying with us.

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