Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guess who is coming for dinner Thursday night?

If you guessed Sidney P. you’re wrong. It’s Earl. Here is what our friend Tim at Weather Underground is saying:

Tim Roche

Weather Underground Forecast for Wednesday, September 01, 2010.
Hurricane Earl will rapidly approach the East Coast on Wednesday, but conditions should not begin to deteriorate along North Carolina’s Outer Banks until sometime on Thursday. Earl is expected to just scrape by the Outer Banks, not making a direct hit, but will bring tropical storm force sustained winds along with hurricane force gusts to the islands into Friday. Residents and visitors to the North Carolina coast and especially the Outer Banks are urged to watch the approaching storm diligently and heed any evacuation orders issued by the authorities. In addition to the foul weather, large swells have begin to affect on the beaches along the coast, and will continue to increase through the day on Thursday. These swells are especially dangerous as they are powerful and intermittent. Long lulls in wave activity will be followed by sets of 3 or more waves that can catch swimmers and beachgoers off guard. In addition, these swells will most likely cause strong rip tides to form along the beaches from Florida to New England.

So the outlook now is for a little rain and breezy for Thursday night into Friday morning.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend.

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Scott said...

Good luck with Earl, I hope he goes a long way away from you. He can have dinner at McDonald's in the Caribbean somewhere. In your post on my blog you asked about how close visitors can get to "The Craters of the Moon". If you were meaning the lava flows at the monument or the volcano cone, then you can get right out in it, even in some caves that were formed by underground lava flows thousands of years ago. If you were talking about the craters of the Moon that we see in the skies most nights, well, closer than you can in Virginia because the altitude is about 6000 feet there ;-).

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