Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rain, Rain, Please come today!!!

At 3:05 PM temp= 89.3 HI= 96.8  Yes it is hot here but the lack of rain is really making things hazardous. We have had 3 grain field fires in the last 4 days. In the loss column is 2 combines and almost 100 acres of winter   wheat and barley.  That is our tanker from Onley.melfa5_20100620183417_320_240Melfa2_20100620183128_320_240 Here on the F&P i have started doing some rotational irrigation and hope to keep all the veggies happy (and hope our well hold out).  Today i started weeding the cucuIMG_0485mber field and found lots of hiders. I even found three zuc’s ( manny, moe,& jack) hiding in the weeds. If i could teach the cuc’s to self weed IMG_0490life would be so much easier. It is so hot here even the Purple Martins took the afternoon off. BUT the worst is coming tomorrow and Thursday. I did get someIMG_0484 chores done here in the last few days. We have been nurturing some pecan saplings for 2 years and one finally was big enough to move to the grove. The others are now in their own pots (and happier) behind the green house (108 deg IMG_0483in there). The weeding will get finished after 5pm when the sun is gone.

Thanks to Krista and MontanaGirl  on liking our salads. And Krista, fresh bread is always appreciated here if you are in the neighborhood. We could trade for some produce. Yes Anvil, the taste does depreciate as they go ginormous, and they get a little tough. BUT slice them lengthwise, marinate them in something, and slap them toughies on the grill for 5 minutes. Definitely softens them up.

IMG_0486  Tomorrow’s pick has been hanging around waiting (and so have i). The first tomato is always a celebration here. I see tomato sandwich’s in our future. Last year we were hit with End Blossom Rot due to over watering, but this year is really looking good with a lot less water thanks to advice from my neighbor (PhD in Ag.).

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Lois Evensen said...

Wow, I sure hope you get some rain there! You have well water? That is the best - I grew up where we had well water and didn't appreciate it until I moved to where we had the big city water supply. That tomato looks scrumptious!

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