Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It’s Breaking!!!!!

No not my heart,,,, the heat. Today is a mear 87F and a HI of 90F. WOW what a cake walk. AND we got a big .12 inches oIMG_0502f rain over night (hey don’t knock it). Speaking of walks here are some pics from my garden walk this morning.

The strawberry patch is moving slow but sweetly. The asparagus patch is ready for cutting down soon. Next year we get to eat it for a month. And the never ending IMG_0504Rose Mary bush is still chugging along after a major transplant a year ago.

IMG_0503The rest of the crops are doing well. Of course the Cuc’s are over doing (and i thought i had killed them when i moved them to weed).

Onions are onioning along with the beans and zuc’s and tomatoes that are still a little slow but reddening up.



IMG_0508 IMG_0510 IMG_0505

But the best picture of the day was our purple martins. They are a prolific bunch as this is the third brood of youngun’s they’ve had. Now don’t get me wrong, i love them since they are bug eaters and catch dinner ‘on the wing’. Here is Mom and Junior.


The caption for this should be “Doesn’t he ever get full????”.

Speaking of full,,,, time for a snack,,,, maybe a cuc sandwich (what a novel idea).


Lois Evensen said...

Wow, great veggies again. I love the Martins. They can bring their babies over and feed them bugs here, too. In fact, as I type this My Honey is searching for a Martin bird house on his computer sitting next to me. Or, perhaps it would be a good project for his workshop? Hmm?

Grenville T. Boyd said...

Hi LOis,
NO!!!!! you can't have my martin's. Try Tractor Supply for a martin house. I think that is where we got ours a few years ago.
The first year you put it up you probably won't get any takers, just scouts. After that it will be full. Make sure it is in a nice open area. Good Luck.

Krista said...

Oh man!!! Can I come over sometime and raid your garden? It looks heavenly - congrats on that! In exchange, you can come to my house tonight and sit on the porch in the cool - we're supposed to have a big storm tonight! :o) Tradesies?

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