Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hotter than yesterday

If you thought i was kidding yesterday about the temp here…. as of 9AM (yes that is nine in the morning) the temp was 87.5F and the Heat Index was 99.0F. I IMG_0496lasted about 20 minutes and picked some beans, cuc’s, and ‘The Tomato’, which i foresee as a sandwich later today. Over night we got a big .03” of rain, but some is better than nothing, even though it didn’t show on our moisture sensors.


Yesterday i mentioned the new Pecan tree that was planted, and here it is. Unfortunately it will be about 15 years before we (or whoever is living here) see any pecans. In the mean time it should provide a little shade in the grove on those sunny summer afternoons before the sun goes behind the pines.


Lois Evensen said...

I hope you can stay cool today. I've given up working outside until it is cooler. I figure anyone who wants to go out in this heat can cut down whatever needs cutting him/herself. Your veggies always look so good.

Anvilcloud said...

I have heard that some like it hot, but that kind of heat is a little much. We'll undoubtedly get some of it eventually, but it's not been too torrid so far.

possum said...

Looks better than the pitiful little dogwood I rescued last week. I am giving it a couple gallons of water each day. Maybe it will make it. Morning is now starting at 5 am and it is still HOT! But I am done by 8 now. Weeds can wait until next snow! LOL!

Triumph said...

Hottest day of the year for us in Eugene. Peaked at 79 degrees. Also the third day in a row without rain which is better than happened in either April or May. You have a tomato? Our plants don't even have any started yet.

granny said...

Hello !
I finally found some time to drop by and check out your blog :0)
Is that your home in the header photo ??
Oh I love it !
I have some reading to do to catch up and get to know you.
Thankyou for coming by and saying hello.
We are enjoying Winter here Down-Under,I do not miss the Summer heat,stay cool.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi T - WOW hottest day in Eugene was 79 degrees...we superpassed that at around 8 a.m. this morning and heading for the near 100 degree mark and we won't even talk about the heat index.

Hi Granny and welcome to our blog. Glad you stopped in for a visit and hope you will return. We do like back door drop-ins anytime.

Yes, that is our home in the header photo and a photo of the backyard garden. We have 3/4 of an acre and the backyard is either grass (green weeds also), 2 wildflower gardens and a veggie garden and also a few young fruit trees. And, despite its name, our home is not a B&B and the story behind the name will be shared in a future post. Your winter so far seems fairly mild as I checked around your blog - loved the fresh eggs and fresh veggies and no frost is great. Grenville set up a small greenhouse (photos on the blog) and we're looking forward to growing some fresh veggies during our winter months. Please stop by anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks. Thanks to all for the 'cool' thoughts. We are working on a method of
e-mailing ice cubes, but have to solve the melting problem, really messed up the CD drive.

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