Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where the Frogs came from

Beatrice sort of started this, but it’s really my story. Some time after our 2 month e-mail ‘getting to know ya’ period, (cue in the song “Getting to know you”) and around the time of the infamous Penguin card, I sort of mentioned that even though I was a little froglike, that since she (Beatrice) was like a Princess if she kissed me enough I might turn into a Prince. I figured after being lured to her basement on the first date and thoroughly kissed that she sort of liked kissing me. Of course that two hour good night kiss was also a sort of early give away.frog kiss

So here we are thirteen years later and she is still kissing me, and I think she is still believes the Prince story.

AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! yes. It’s spring again and Love is in the air, even for Frogs and Princesses, and even Penguins. Better go check your mail box, never can tell what may be hiding in there (with no return address).

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