Monday, May 10, 2010

Fowl Lasagna

lasagna0510 (1)

OK, so you might be thinking (or maybe not)WHAT does chicken have to do with lasagna?

Usually, not a whole lot but this story starts with last night’s dinner. We were going to rotisserie outdoors; however, it was too chilly and windy that  indoor roasting was a better idea, not to mention it warmed the kitchen and smelled great while cooking. But, lots of leftovers from a 5lb+ chicken and leftovers of the same thing, are OK once; twice NOT. Enter the lasagna when today I decided to make a small one (yes, more leftovers, but these can be frozen).

Follow your favorite lasagna recipe (it seems everyone has one) and if not, check out the recipe on a box of lasagna noodles – there’s usually one there – BUT instead of adding chopped meat, use something different, like say leftover diced chicken!

And, the result is Fowl Lasagna.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was 'cluck-a-licious' in a Fowl sort of way. AND even better the second time around!!!!!

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