Friday, April 16, 2010

Local Subway over run by hungry mobs!!!!!

Our local Subway was over run by mobs of hungry folks yesterday. They offered a buy one get one free ( BOGO) to celebrate Tax day and as the saying goes, "If you offer a BOGO they will come". Lines stretched miles as the starved waited and the bread makers worked overtime to keep up. At many points in the day the bread ran out, but the thought of FREE kept the mob civil.
Beatrice and I waited for over an hour to get our free sub, and when we finally got there had to settle for plain white bread.... Rumor has it that they out sold McBarfies and Hardly's by the thousands, but that is just a rumor.
Luckily the mob was peaceful as the County Rural Assault Team and the National Guard were on full alert. For entertainment they held field maneuvers in the parking lot and offered free pepper spraying to anyone who wanted to try it. Not many takers on this except the glue heads from the model plane club. For their finale they held a mock battle between the two forces. It was called off early when the NG tank went out of control and ran over the Rural Assault vehicle crushing to flat.
Today we get to walk off all that bad (but free) stuff we ate as it is Grass Cutting Day at the F&P. Pollen level is only at very high although Sunday is said to be EXTREME!!!! So glad we do very little then.

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Anonymous said...

The indigestion was also free.

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