Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter in Jersey pt.2 The joy of chocolate bunny ears!!!!

It is said that there is nothing finer than to be in Carolina in the morning, but a good set of Bunny Ears is to die for sometimes. Chocolate on the Shore is just chocolate but here they have a place they call "The Commons" a very up scale mall where one of the world famous Godiva Choclate outlets is located. Now we all know that 'Godiva Chocolate is to Die For' but until this year they DID NOT make Easter Bunnies. And with no Easter Bunnies there was no Bunny Ears. So knowing this we dejectedly trudged on by. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a little chocolate bunny wrapped in gold to his ears.
BUT still being on my diet i summoned all of my willl power and walked away. But next year that bunny better watch out.

My reward was visiting our old friend Tony Soprano (yes that is is real name) for one of his wonderful Jersey Pizza's.
More tomorrow of our eggciting eggventures.

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