Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Small Town Blessings

We've told you that we live in a small town. There are only 500 residents here so almost everyone knows everyone else. As new comers (or comehere's as the bornhere's call us) we have met quite a few folks. Actually more than I have ever known anyplace I have lived. Most are very nice, some are down right wonderful, and a few are less likable that others. But you don't really have to know someone here to be friendly. As we walk in the mornings everyone waves to each other whether thay are walking, driving or whatever . Doesn't matter if you actually know them or not it is just what is done here. Folks also tend to look you straight in the eye. YES they make "EYE CONTACT". They say hello. They ask 'how are you today' and really mean it.
This morning as we were getting ready for our trip we had to stop at the bank. As Beatrice was in line she started talking to a lady who she didn't know. Turns out that her name was Jane, and when Beatrice told her of our trip she came out to the car and said a prayer of 'Traveling Mercies' with us. Only in a small town will you find a complete stranger who will
1. speak to you,
2. come near your car,
3. and most importantly say a pray not just for you but with you.

Life is good, and we thank you Lord.

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