Saturday, January 30, 2010


YES YES.....It is snowing here,,,,,,started around 6 am as a nice fine snowfall. Latest prediction is for 6-10 inches by later tonight. Update and pics will come later, probably while I bake a new loaf of bread for dinner tonight (its my turn to cook).
I asked Beatrice if I should go hitch up the horse to the sled so we could go riding later,,,,, She reminded me that we have neither. Don't ya hate when that happens. Someone comes along and sticks their proverbial pin in your over imaginative bubble. On the plus side, she brought me a second cup of coffee (in bed of course).
And now we are enjoying some local entertainment listening the closings on our local radio station. Here on the Shore it could be condensed to the following>>>>> EVERYTHING!!!!!!
More as our snow fall continues. From our flakes to yours... its time for Banana Pancakes.

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