Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I was floored!!!!!

Well maybe not me but the shop where Wood N ThingZ creates whimsically eclectic wood art was floored . Earlier this past spring we decided that our front porch needed to be sanded and repainted. There were 2 boards that needed replacing so I asked the fellow who was doing the sanding if he could do it for me. Now there is a codicil that goes with Murphy's Law. "If you fix one thing the next thing is sure to break". The 2 rotted boards turned into 8 feet of water rotted 6"x6" sill plate. This water rot was caused by an ancient Camillia bush (tree) which was keeping everything wet for years. SOOOOO after pulling up most of the old porch flooring and calling in Carpenter Ned to replace the the sill we decided that the old flooring was not worth putting back down. After looking at the alternatives we decided on some composite decking that will never (well that's what the man told me) need painting, never rot or cup, will last a lifetime (wonder who's). The best part was that the installation was really simple. In fact Beatrice and I did the job ourselves. Now you may be asking yourselves "But what happened to the old flooring????" What do you mean you didn't ask that???? I heard you, so don't deny it.
Well the old flooring got put on one of the wagons and parked near the shop. We finally had a nice day here and it got run through the surface planner and looked almost like new. Next was a day of moving lots of equipment, cleaning in spots that hadn't been cleaned in a while, cutting the boards to size, and nailing them down. I have always liked the idea of recycleing materials. AND the best part was at the end of the day I took inventory and had all ten fingers and none of them were nailed together.
The camillia bush didn't fair quite as well. First it met the chain saw. Then most took a ride through the chipper. The few larger hunks that were saveable got to take a spin on the lathe and have turned into whimsically eclectic wood art.

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